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Amor Sexus is a really beautiful and sexy Tumblr that provides a serious selection of quality boob pics, for all of the boob lovers of the world (aka everyone). I made a selection of some of my favorite images from the blog below. I initially came across Amor Sexus because the guy who runs it makes these really cool collages out of screen-grabs from the films that I make. You can see some examples of the collages below too!


Art From Behind is Kathy Grayson’s photo blog documenting the behind-the-scenes of the art world. Kathy is the woman who founded and runs the Hole Gallery in New York, and is a former Deitch Projects director. She’s sort of intimidating because she’s so tall and powerful and stuff, but she’s actually really sweet. Also, every time you see her, her hair is magically a different color of the neon rainbow.



I recently discovered the Tumblr LET Me In, and ended up spending the following three hours going all the way back to page 100-and-something, drooling, and taking sporadic masturbation breaks. It’s such a sexy blog, in a very aspirational, “I wish sex was actually this beautiful IRL” sort of way. LET Me In is also very gif-friendly, and thus has the tendency to leave you mesmerized, staring at a 3-second clip of an orgasm face on repeat forever until the end of time. And the blog is also an education in the various types of vulva that exist, which is a surprisingly large amount.



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12 Responses to Blog Luv

  1. Mike says:

    Man, I’ve been trying *not* to get off all weekend in hopes for a special *shoot* on Monday… Oh well, I have plenty of time to try again :)

  2. naked women and “art”… just what i’m about! love it, keep up the good work<3

  3. Mikal Skorpion says:

    Good stuff, Karley!

  4. Craig says:

    You said vulva! :)

  5. juan lork says:

    I agree. I adore all this Tumblr fucking Art. I love all this decadence which you are related. This hipster mood of a kind of an end of the known world. I´d want you to understand spanish to introduce you of a interesting blog of a chilean feminist lesbo activist, a very cult woman, marxist and provokative person, Leonor Silvestri :

  6. jg323 says:

    i have that playboy with Bijou

  7. monique says:

    yo what is the SLUTEVER_85 vid from and where can I see it? Pls advise

  8. juan lork says:

    We need seeing hot and porno pics from Karley. She and Ruth Gruca are the sexiest couple i´ve ever seen before..

  9. j says:

    can you check on links – i can’t get first and third tumblrs to work, and i want to check them out!

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