22 Responses to Drunk Kissing

  1. handstands says:

    Beautiful, yet informative. Might have to forward these to all the overly-tounguey sloppy kissers out there.

  2. Heather says:

    Between this and watching Orange is the New Black, I feel like my stance as a heterosexual woman is coming under question.

  3. Eastfist says:

    I’m a little disturbed that you two look so alike. If I had to analyze this, I’d think Karley was a major narcissist. I’ll even dare say that’s why some homosexuals are homosexuals: making love with a copy of themselves. So I’ve seen Karley suck a cock, now I’m interested in how she eats the pussy. Are we gonna get that in the future? You’re my kind of exhibitionist. Keep up the good work.

    • Mama Lips says:

      EastFist, i’m a homo and don’t fuck people who look anything like me, that’s such a weird statement to make. Plus, EVERYONE knows that heteros are just fucking people who look like themselves really.

      • Eastfist says:

        I said “some”. It’s just my personal observation. I see butch with butch, lipsticks with lipsticks, etc., etc. It’s just that in this particular case, I notice Karley making out with “herself” like it’s some kind of mirrored drug-induced hallucination, so I mentioned it.

  4. Mavi says:

    Karley did you say the word “versace” at the end of the first video?

    • karleyslutever says:

      LOL. No I said, “Let’s watch it.” But that just made me laugh so hard, I cracked my revitalizing face mask.

  5. BB says:

    ppffft that’s not art, I see girls do that all the time in clubs

  6. Drunk Jimmy says:

    I was thinking ‘Wow, some girls actually like guys who are as skinny as me. I feel much better about myself’. Then I realized you are were kissing a girl, fml.

  7. Kyle says:

    This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  8. Brittany says:

    What? Where can we see Karley sucking cock??

  9. Viv says:

    I know they are experimental conceptual art, but I still came to them.

  10. mightzi says:

    this gets me off more than watching actual penetration bullshit

  11. fashionputtana says:

    Karley that was so sweet watching you be so happy! Kiss Kissy Kiss Bots you two =)

  12. M says:

    I think that are the sounds on these videos that turns me on more than anything!!

  13. Fiona says:

    Lessa is charming in a strange, bland way.

  14. G says:

    Seems like you might have a “type”: your gf looks like a female version of Hamilton.

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