Junk Drawer

Today while finding ways to procrastinate and avoid doing any actual work, I decided to clean out my dreaded junk drawer–that bottomless pit where you shove all the stuff you don’t want to throw out but never want to look at or think about ever again. I haven’t gone through my junk drawer in about a year. Below is some of the stuff I found. Yikes…

Salt shaker filled with half used tube of lube. Apparently I couldn’t bring myself to throw out these last few drops.

Pregnancy test. Came in package of 2. Saved this one for predicted future use.

Ancient condom. (Unused, thus explaining need for pregnancy test.)

Canned meats.

Chlamydia medication. (Duh.)

Bag of miscellaneous pill dust. (Holding on to this one actually.)

3D glasses. (Purchased for phashion reasons.)

Trendy occult necklace left behind by satanic ex-roommate. #MissYouFelix

UTI medication. #VajIssues

Selection of condiments. #Handy

Notice from government that I am poor enough to qualify for jank poor people health insurance.

Opened (potentially used) condom covered in what appears to be tobacco, pubes and glitter.



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12 Responses to Junk Drawer

  1. tea says:

    seems like pretty useful stuff to me

  2. cat says:

    ewwwwww. wait..

  3. uh says:

    probs best to not publish your address on the internet tho, esp with all those weirdos out there. #duh

  4. wonda kammer says:

    haha looks like my apartment!

  5. anom says:

    Wierd, you live right around the corner from where I used to live back in 2003 when that area was ghetto as shit.

  6. chorcheho says:

    is that condom unused, but opened?

  7. A bitch says:

    your disgusting <3

  8. SLUTEVER says:

    That's my old address, BTdubz. I've moved up in the world since then :)

  9. kari says:

    LOL! very entertaining!although big eww on the opened condom!! lol.

  10. . says:

    omg ur on the mrnewton street style website!http://mrnewton.net/

  11. scruffs says:


  12. I says:

    I almost die with an allergic reaction last week with that sulfate antibiotic for me vagizzale. Fun post

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