Hot Priests

While in Rome recently, I came across this calendar of babe priests. I bought it for my Catholic mother, obvs. I’ve come to the conclusion that this calendar is definitely intended solely for purposes of titillation, because the days of the week aren’t even labeled. It’s weird to think that these guys are probs virgins. What a waste! Also, I for some reason forgot to take a pic of March.

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Be Here Nowish Premier and Trailer!

Be Here Nowish, the comedy web series I play a part in, is finally about to premier! The premier party is next Wednesday, April 9th, at the Jane Hotel in Manhattan. Creators Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite will be screening the first 4 episodes (each are about 10 min), and there will be lots of drinking and dancing and flirting as well. Come one, come all! 

For those who can’t make it to the premier, the show will begin airing online on on April 7th. To get you up to speed on what the show is about, THIS is an article I wrote about it. But if you can’t be bothered to read, THIS is the new trailer! Yay! 

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Slutever Vaj T-Shirt… Second Edition!

They’re baaack, by popular demand! Lol. No but honestly, vaginas are really in these days, so I figured I should cash in by making a second edition of my wonderful and politically relevant vaj T-shirts. Buy one now and become instantly popular! If you’re not convinced, then please check out the following photos of the Slutever Vaj Tee looking stylish on a variety of cool people:

Convinced? :)

This is a limited edition run of 200 shirts. They run in mens sizes S-M-L-XL. They are sized like American Apparel T-shirts. To give you a reference, all the girls in the top photo are wearing smalls.


Email me at to request a shirt. Include your full name, your address, and the size you want in the email.

Once you get a confirmation email from me, you can Paypal me the cost + shipping at 

Price: $40 (U.S. dollars) plus shipping

Shipping cost: $5 for America, Canada and Mexico; $10 for anywhere else

Thanks! xoxo

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