Slutever Vaj Tee – Some Left

Hey guys, I have some Slutever Vaj Tees shirts left. I’ve been mega lazy about selling/advertizing them, but I’m starting to get sick of storing the leftovers in my loft bedroom which has literally zero closet space :) So if you want to buy one, here’s how you do it:


Email me at to request a shirt. Include your full name, your address, and the size you want in the email.

Once you get a confirmation email from me, you can Paypal me the cost + shipping at 

Price: $40 (U.S. dollars) plus shipping

Shipping cost: $5 for America, Canada and Mexico; $10 for anywhere else

Thanks! xoxo

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Southern Sex Food

Though it may surprise you, elegantly massaged kale and gluten-free tofu scrambles are not the standard date food everywhere in the world. In the second installment of my sexy new Vice food column, I speak with a sugar baby in the rural South about their local delights (AKA Ruby Tuesdays and Chilis), and why there is no sexy way to eat a chicken wing. To read, CLICK HERE :)

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