Celebratory Masturbation

May was national masturbation month. If, unlike me, your Facebook friends aren’t almost exclusively feminist bloggers and people who make vagina-based art, your FB feed may not have informed you of that important fact. In celebration, my new article for VICE lists some of my favorite facts and musings on the subject. Read it HERE :)

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Slutever Vaj Tee – Some Left

Hey guys, I have some Slutever Vaj Tees shirts left. I’ve been mega lazy about selling/advertizing them, but I’m starting to get sick of storing the leftovers in my loft bedroom which has literally zero closet space :) So if you want to buy one, here’s how you do it:


Email me at karleyslutever@gmail.com to request a shirt. Include your full name, your address, and the size you want in the email.

Once you get a confirmation email from me, you can Paypal me the cost + shipping at karleyslutever@gmail.com. 

Price: $40 (U.S. dollars) plus shipping

Shipping cost: $5 for America, Canada and Mexico; $10 for anywhere else

Thanks! xoxo

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