Sex Parties and Non-Monogamy

Last weekend I went to my first ever sex party to do some “research” on non-monogamous relationships. Ya know, I think those orgy people might be onto something… Read my new Breathless for Vogue HERE :)



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10 Responses to Sex Parties and Non-Monogamy

  1. Burrr says:

    I miss your old posts that are written for your blog, I always check hoping for one of those but it’s always breathless column! Congrats on getting paid to write – that’s massive achievement but wah wah I want your silly crazy stories

  2. Jean-Simon says:

    Karley, tu me vires à l’envers!

    J’adore tes photos au début de chacun de tes articles. Tu me sembles être une sacré coquine.

    Très intéressante cette histoire de partouze mais j’aurais aimé en savoir plus sur tes impressions et sensasions lorsque tu es passé à l’acte avec le jeune couple dans la vingtaine. Une prochaine fois peut-être…

  3. Lula says:

    great article once again and sorry to hear about your and your gf. hope you’re doing okay!

  4. DSD says:

    ***hug*** (I just wanted to give you a hug for your breakup)

  5. stillnoteatingadi%$ says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed this article, as i have many by you. cheers to the journey. xxxo

  6. Lorenzo says:

    Even if I’ve been harsh with your work at times (it was always tough love) I wish you the best of luck after your break up and express my sincere appreciation for your recent articles. It seems to me that you’re finally finding the balance between coolness and honesty (I hope this remark makes sense to you).

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