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Slutever’s 5 Recommendations for Life

January 30, 2015

Photo by Petra Collins, from our short film Crimson Crusade :)   I’m making this a regular thing! Below are 5 pieces of internet that I believe will make you a smarter, cooler, happier, more date-able person. You’re welcome :) 1. Appropriate Behavior movie OMG you have to watch this, it’s so lolz. It’s a new movie written, directed by and starring Desiree Akhavan, who seems to be one of the coolest girls on the planet. My mission for 2015 is…

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Sexy Videos

X-Mas Gifts for Nymphos

December 22, 2014

Christmas colors are generally red and white. But why is that, when the combination of red and white creates an even better color–pink! This year, get your loved one of the gift of Pink Christmas, the scent! LOL. For some reason SSION (aka the incredible musician, artist and director) has made a holiday perfume. Below is the very creepy ad for it, which features me and Samantha Urbani. If you want to smell like a pink version of X-Mas, you…

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