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5 Recommendations For Life

July 15, 2015

There’s so much junk on the internet these days that it can be hard to find the good stuff. Thankfully, I’ve done that for you. Below are 5 pieces of internet that I believe will make you a smarter, cooler, happier, more date-able person. You’re welcome :) By Karley Sciortino

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Save Yourself: 15 Slut-tastic Sex Facts

November 24, 2014
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  1. Vajonfidence means “vagina confidence.” (I made that up.) 2. Bad: 83% of U.S. teenagers have sex for the first time before receiving any formal sex education. 3. Good: Almost a third of all women over 80 years old still have sex with their spouse or boyfriend. 4. Rub some jiz on your face immediately, because sperm has a tightening effect on the skin–aka it’s the world’s cheapest anti-aging cream. 5. Sperm has other uses beyond being an affordable…

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People Who Just Had Sex: Deep Gay Love

October 29, 2014

The new episode of People Who Just Had Sex is out, yay! If you’re unfamiliar with the series, the idea is simple–we go to people’s houses and talk to them before they fuck, wait around while they fuck, and then interview them again after they fuck.  In this episode I meet Tobias and Brian, a Brooklyn couple who have had particularly unique and experimental sexual histories—from gay porn auditions, to Tobias losing his virginity on a plane, to three-way relationships, to a…

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Getting Dirty with Bobbi Starr

July 4, 2013

Yum… :) “Pornography allows us to explore our deepest, most forbidden selves. Porn dreams of eternal fires of desire, without fatigue, incapacity, aging, or death.” – Camille Paglia Bobbi Starr is one of the best and biggest porn stars today. She’s also an intelligent, funny, sex-positive feminist. Duh, all the best post stars are! You may remember that I interviewed Bobbi in the “Orgasms: Where R They?” episode of the VICE Slutever show. Bobbi also does a lot of work…

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