Teach Me How To Fuck: Dev Hynes

So we all know Dev Hynes is the coolest person ever. We all love his musical project Blood Orange, and he writes all of the best songs by our favorite artists like Solange, Sky Ferreria, Theophilus London, Florence and the Machine, etc, etc. However, this is a sex blog (I think?), not a music blog, and therefore we care far more about Dev’s sex life than his musical achievements, especially considering he’s a majorly relevant indie sex symbol. (Does that make us superficial? Wait–who cares.) I recently chatted with Dev about his valued sexual tips and techniques. You can read our convo below. (And P.S. – I think I might make this ‘Teach Me How To Fuck’ thing a regular column. Feel free to comment below with suggestions on future people to interview.)

Slutever: Dear Dev, you have a reputation for being an international playboy, sex symbol type person. So, say you’re with a girl and you already have your clothes off and it’s obvious you’re going to have sex. What’s your technique?
Dev Hynes: Well, first of all, you have to make sure the girl is wet before you take her underwear off. I like to start off with lots of kissing–kissing is vital to the enjoyment of sex. And there should be lots of touching–touching the body all over, the legs, the back and the neck, almost like massaging. And then you can start fingering the girl. But don’t just shove your fingers in, you should start by playing with the clitoris, and rubbing the breasts and playing with the nipples while lightly fingering the clitoris.

So wait, you’re saying that you don’t just shove your dick in instantly once you’re both naked?
Definitely not! In my mind, penetration is like the dessert to the meal. Before that, there’s work to do. Give yourself time during foreplay to show the woman that you know what you’re doing and that you’re in control. Think of it this way: most women will tell you when they want something inside them.

That’s a good piece of advice–make the girl really want it.
Yeah, there’s nothing better than a girl saying, “Oh my god please shove your dick inside me,” you know?

And there’s nothing worse than trying to fuck someone and them saying, “Oh my god no, don’t put that it there.”
That’s just embarrassing.

And illegal kind of.
Slightly illegal. It’s a gray area.

But anyway, back to your technique.
OK, so next I like to go down on the girl. It’s also good to play with the butthole around this time. Some people don’t like butt stuff, but those people will usually tell you immediately to stop. But everyone else I think likes it. I also like to go down on girls during sex. As in I’ve been inside them for a while, and then I pull out and go down on them.

What if a girl has her period? Would you go down on her then?
I’ve done it. Period stuff never bothers me. I know some girls aren’t into it, but I think sometimes that’s because they’re worried the guy is going to be grossed out or something. But I always try to explain I really just don’t care.

And if a guy doesn’t want to have sex with a girl when she’s on her period, that means he’s gay, right?

That’s what I thought. So, all vaginas look different. Are there certain kinds of vaginas that guys like more than others?
Um, not really. I mean, there’s been a few vaginas that weren’t the best, but that’s few and far between. Usually the bad ones are not well looked after, or unclean and therefore a bit too potent.

That’s the same with dicks. Like I’ll rarely complain unless it’s dirty.
I always make sure that my dick is washed beforehand. That’s just respect. It’s disrespectful to shove an unclean dick into some girl’s mouth. Like that is just rude.

Yeah, that is just rude. Like, didn’t your parents teach you any manners?!
Yeah, like you wouldn’t serve someone food that you just rubbed in a toilet bowl, would you? I don’t see why it’s any different with a penis.

So Dev, did you watch porn when you were younger?
I started watching porn when I was 15. I was the typical teen with dial-up, clogging up the phone line in my parent’s house by trying to buffer porn videos.

Do you think when you were younger that pornography acted as a form of sexual education for you?
Yes and no. I mean, you definitely watched and learned. For example, porn taught me what a vagina looks like. But I was also aware that a good part of porn is acting. But I think you can learn some basic tips from porn, as long as you understand that porn is sensational, especially when it comes to female pleasure.

Yeah, I definitely got ideas for sex positions from porn, and for dirty talk too. Also, I know I always say this, but porn helped me to feel more confident with my body, because I realized that I enjoyed watching curvy girls in porn more than the “model-type” girls, because curvy girls bounce more while they’re fucking.
That’s actually really interesting, because I’ve always thought about how porn must make people feel more confident about their weird quirks or abnormalities, just because of the vast amount of porn categories there are. Like “amputee tubes,” or “BBW tubes” or whatever. No matter what you look like, there’s someone out there jerking-off to someone like you.

Do you think guys can tell when a girl is faking an orgasm?
I’m pretty confident that I can tell. But I also think that girls haven’t really faked orgasms with me. Although faking happens–I’ve faked orgasms in the past, when I just wasn’t into it. I also have a technique for faking going down on a girl, which involves a lot of saliva and slyly replacing your tongue with your thumb.

One time in high school I thought this guy was fucking me and then I realized that he’d actually just shoved a beer bottle up my vagina. So that was faking it. And now he’s gay actually, according to Facebook.
That’s cool.

Back to you. You’re into trans girls right?

I know you’ve used lots of transgender models in the artwork for your album and in your videos. Is this something you were into sexually when you were young, or something you discovered when you were older?
I’m not sure if I was always an attraction I was aware of–maybe I was and it was suppressed somehow? I was speaking to a friend about it recently, and we were discussing how maybe the attraction is something to do with “ultra femininity.” Or at least that was my friend’s point of view. I think I’ve just always been able to see the beauty in everyone, but I know that I am not sexually attracted to “men.” But maybe what I’m attracted to is the femininity of a woman, combined with the strong features and beauty of a man. I mean, I’m just guessing here! I’m not sure it’s good to try and dissect anything that you love, whether it be movies, music or genders.

When was the first time you hooked up with a trans girl?
I was about 20 years old and living in London. I met this beautiful woman in a bar, and I had my suspicions that she was trans, but she was completely stunning, and really nice to talk to. Anyway, we went to her place and I discovered my suspicions were correct. When we started fooling around, at first I was hesitant and not sure I wanted to “go there”–ya know, I was just young, and nervous. (And I should clear up that I had “gone there” with a guy when I was younger as a test, and it just wasn’t my thing, personally.) But anyway, I went there, and of course I liked it, because I liked the person a lot and found her very attractive, aesthetically and mentally.

Speaking of things you’re into, you also love squirters, right?
Yeah. Words can’t explain the excitement and joy I experienced when I slept with my first squirter. I felt like I’d discovered the holy grail of sex.

Really? Why?
It was strange–it was almost like sex became a science to me after that. My mind became fully occupied with the prospect of what could happen with a girl, and the possibilities of what I could make her body do. This was an instance where I actually did learn from porn, because I thought about all the squirt porn I’d watched, and the specific hand movements that make a girl project and how to keep it going. I know in some porn videos it’s pee or whatever, but in real life, when it’s not pee, it’s really fucking awesome.

I can’t squirt. Does that mean there’s something wrong with my vagina?
It’s not for me to say what’s wrong or right with your vagina. But maybe you can learn.

Like from a doctor?
Yeah. Or a porn star.

What about anal? Are you into that?
Anal is great, but it’s not really something you want to push for, if you know what I mean. Every time I’ve done it, it’s been…

It’s been very important. But like I always say: Why go for the window if the door’s open?

A window that’s covered in shit.
Exactly. However, that’s not to say climbing through windows can’t be really fun.

Oh Dev Hynes, you’re so wise!



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79 Responses to Teach Me How To Fuck: Dev Hynes

  1. Reasoner says:

    This might be the best interview I’ve ever read.

  2. dasha says:

    we all know you love dev, but nah he aint really hot, he looks like a jihadist in the fourth picture. lol just joking (wait, im not) anyone else agree?

  3. dasha says:

    plus there was already the same interview with exactly the same answer he said about licking vaginas

  4. GH says:

    I am obsessed with his style! He looks so damn goooooood!

  5. Jorge says:

    hahaha nice one!!

  6. sizzla says:

    Wait, so hooking up with a trans female (AKA a guy dressed like a girl) isn’t gay? Sounds like Mr. Hynes is bisexual to me, which is totally fine. Just an interesting fact that I didn’t know.

  7. candy says:

    This dude is a tool.

  8. Michael says:

    I Like Dev Hynes. I like how he dresses and I especially like that he has collaborated with one of my fave musicians, Nedelle Torrisi. My fave part of this post was definitely the discussion of gender and being attracted to a gender identity as opposed to a specific set of sex organs. I have experienced a similar shift in my preferences and would say that I feel nearly the same as Dev with regards to feminine trans individuals. However, I hesitate to say I like the post as a whole b/c some of these “tips” are just so basic, e.g. plenty of foreplay and good hygiene. That said, I see how it fits with the Slutever Interview Style.

    P.S. Totally agree about Period Sex.

  9. dv says:

    Just FYI, I heard a Dan Savage podcast recently where he said going down on a girl who is on her period could be kind of risky due to blood-bourne diseases. Just know your risk and be safe.

  10. Marcus says:

    Recommendations/Suggestions for future: Teach Me How To Fuck

    JD Samson
    Bunny (obvs)
    Lauren Dillard + Lauren Flax
    Matthew Stone
    Susanne Oberbeck

    These would be great. make it happen pls.

  11. jg323 says:

    i have NEVER, i repeat NEVER, been with a woman that WANTED sex while on her period or that wanted oral while on her period…how is that any different that sticking a dirty cock into a girls mouth…here’s the trade off, you want me to fuck you/go down on you while on your period then i’ll either do it with a dirty dick or right after i just ate three sloppy joes…that’s a fair trade…

    oh and if it has a dick, it’s a dude…even it used to have a dick, it’s still a dude. and no, there’s nothing wrong with it, some tranny’s are “pretty/handsome” but they’re still dudes.

    • La Déterrée says:

      Shoving a dirty cock in a girl’s mouth is different from period sex, because period blood is not a sign of bad hygiene.

      By the way, hate to break it to you, but you don’t get to decide whether someone is a dude or not. I only see one dick right now and that’s you.

      • jg323 says:

        oh boo hoo, someone disagreed with me…so i’ma call’em a dick, i’ll show them…waawaa!, this is the internet, get over yourself…hate to break it to you, but i have biology on my side which is on your side too, you just choose to think differently and that’s okay, but at the end of the day a dude is a dude is a dude…

        • karleyslutever says:

          Ugh, you seem like an awful person.

        • Lola says:

          “but i have biology on my side which is on your side too, you just choose to think differently and that’s okay, but at the end of the day a dude is a dude is a dude…”

          American Psychological Association

          Men and Women: No Big Difference
          Studies show that one’s sex has little or no bearing on personality, cognition and leadership.
          The Truth about Gender “Differences”

          Mars-Venus sex differences appear to be as mythical as the Man in the Moon. A 2005 analysis of 46 meta-analyses that were conducted during the last two decades of the 20th century underscores that men and women are basically alike in terms of personality, cognitive ability and leadership. Psychologist Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, discovered that males and females from childhood to adulthood are more alike than different on most psychological variables, resulting in what she calls a gender similarities hypothesis. Using meta-analytical techniques that revolutionized the study of gender differences starting in the 1980s, she analyzed how prior research assessed the impact of gender on many psychological traits and abilities, including cognitive abilities, verbal and nonverbal communication, aggression, leadership, self-esteem, moral reasoning and motor behaviors ….

    • heh says:

      if you want women to deal with your semen, you should be willing to deal with their blood.

  12. Gabrielle says:

    Please, please make Teach Me How To Fuck a regular thing. I don’t know who I want to fuck like, but tips from amazing straight females would be appreciated (by me) like crazy. Or advice from gay men about giving head. Actually everything, because this is the best idea for a column I have ever seen.

    Also, this is the first time I’ve ever commented here, so I wanted to let you know that I think that you’re an interesting babe.

  13. Lorenzo says:

    Someone didn’t follow Mr. Winston advice.
    “Let’s not start sucking each other dick quite yet”
    And this goes both to the tranny story and to the 999th over-celebratory post about your cool friend.

  14. Daniel says:

    This guy fucks like a Dawson’s Creek episode

  15. poppy says:

    just masturbated to this.

  16. Oh_hi says:

    If this ninja wasn’t in a band he’d get ZERO pussy , why would I listen to him? It makes more sense to listen to a regular guy who found his own way. Shallow hipster Bitxhes are always gonna give a ninja like this positive feedback cause of his influence. Group think. He’ll walk around thinking he’s the shit when he really dont know anything.

    Also how u gonna call a man gay when he doesn’t wanna fuck a chick nasty period pussy when u fuck trannies on the regular lmao.

    Any chick that wants u to fuxk her or eat her out on her period is a nasty piece of work, I can tell you from experience. She prolly has orgies with 50 year old men because they’re rich and give them free drugs.

    These third wave tumblr feminists are out of control and are exhibiting major daddy issues.

    If i make the personal choice not to get ur pussy blood all over my torso and dick suddenly I’m homosexual? Lmao gtfoh.
    Y’all hoes hate your fathers.

    • karleyslutever says:


      • Oh_hi says:

        Has this emo ninja ever fuck a fat bitch? I’m talking 200lbs plus? None of this skinny hipster art gallery white girl shit. He ever lick a chicks stretch marks? He Ever suck milk out a chick nipples after she just had a miscarrage? He ever fuck a pregnant bitxh doggy style with hemroids ? Thats some real man shit. Young bobby mcferrin needs to chill out with that period pussy homo talk

        • uncle jesse says:

          yea he is a stanky ninja for sure lolzzz

        • lolito says:

          lol that made me laugh and its probably true

          anyway, i would love a q&a with karley, she hardly posts anything personal anymore and i loved her personal stories. guess she doesnt want to write too much about her these days plus its actually none of our business anyway but that her blog was originally about. its going into another direction which is fine but i liked her old stories because most of them were actually quite encouraging and even educating. now its all about these domina women but it will all last til they are 30-35 or so as then they move ”to something else” (because they are basically kicked out of the industry). if karley follows this sort of thing, then it will come to an end eventually.

  17. uncle jesse says:

    international playboy? idk one girl that would touch him looks nasty as fuck and way he talks is creepy as fuck too. Banging anything you can doesnt make you a playboy. quality > quantity am I right or what? and just cause his blowup doll liked his weak ass game doesnt mean hes a “sex god” not even close im calling bullshit like how that fat arse from kiss is a supposed “playboy” too.

  18. duende says:

    last time you interviewed Dev about sex stuff, he drew an incorrect diagram of female genitalia (the anus was about a foot away from the vag). how exactly is he a sex expert?

  19. Soph says:

    Why so many haters? Dev seems like an awesome dude. I would definitely fuck him, and he definitely gets a lot of pussy. Also his album with Solange is fucking great, and I need to listen to some of his Blood Orange stuff. And yes to the getting the girl wet before taking her clothes off! God so many guys fuck this up, even the good ones.

    And what’s with this dude who doesn’t know any girls who want to fuck on their period? Maybe they just don’t want to fuck him because he’s an inconsiderate prick. Most of my friends are hornier on their period.

    Definitely make this a regular thing Karley, I’d love to hear what others have to say.

    • Oh_hi says:

      “Why so many haters? Dev seems like an awesome dude. I would definitely fuck him, and he definitely gets a lot of pussy. Also his album with Solange is fucking great, and I need to listen to some of his Blood Orange stuff. ”

      This is exactly the kind of groupie bitxh I’m talking about. I’m not surprised ur willing to fuck guys on your period.

      Nasty girl with low morals

  20. Roxxy says:

    Please do “Teach me how to fuck” as a regular column, yes, pleeaassee.

  21. Mari says:

    Nice technique when you don’t want to lick vaginas.
    I laughed so hard with the bottle pretending dick part!
    Love you Slutever.

  22. maria says:

    suggestions for future:
    Barrack Obama

  23. Alex says:

    Elaborate on “butt stuff”

  24. Dev says:

    It’s ya boye Dev. Umm buttstuff, so you can put your finger in my butt, your hand in my bum, your foot in my arse etc etc. That is what i meant by butt stuff.

  25. Kristie says:

    Wooooow so many trolls commenting on this post! Maybe it’s stirred some deep dark emotions that require unjust anger to deal with the repression.

    Could be that all you keyboard bandits feel bad because you want to have period sex but you’re too scared to move on from missionary position. OR it could be because you have this fantasy of fucking a transvestite but don’t yet hold the key to being able to express your sexuality?

    Have you ever clicked with someone and wanted to go home with them, regardless of gender? How about race, ethnicity. Gender should be treated as a continuum not as a gender binary as it is being perceived as.

    Just be a bit more understanding of yourselves people. Sexual liberation is a fantastic thing.

    • Oh_hi says:

      “Could be that all you keyboard bandits feel bad because you want to have period sex but you’re too scared to move on from missionary position. OR it could be because you have this fantasy of fucking a transvestite but don’t yet hold the key to being able to express your sexuality?”

      What the hell are u talking about? Is this the best you could come up with? This is exactly why u can’t have a logical conversation with women. Y’all have 3 stock responses. You’re gay. You’re insecure or you’re gay.

      Well here’s my response. YOU’RE STUPID!

    • Car says:

      First part i disagree and tbh it gets boring

      ‘Youre just jealous!!’

      Cmon thats a reply that 12 year olds give.

  26. George says:

    This is super good! I think it’d be sweet to do interviews with regular non famous people too about how they have sex, a la ‘Friends I’ll Never Meet’.

  27. Igloo says:

    Shane Smith!?

  28. mightzi says:

    get aurel_sex, petra collins, amanda whip, may anderson.

  29. lol says:

    have a q&a with that tavi chick

  30. S says:

    MISTRESS AMANDA, but in a video!

  31. Rax says:

    oh God it drives me nuts when men treat squirting women like proof of their own excellence, or like science experiments. there is simply no consensus on what exactly squirting is, but the generally received wisdom is that, IF it’s even a real ejaculation, some women simply don’t squirt. and there is no reason to have some scientifically-minded dude tinkering around down there making me feel inadequate for non-squirting behavior. it SUCKS.

  32. G says:

    I’ve always wanted to squirt ever since I saw a funny video on youtube where a guy said “That awkward goth at high school will turn out to be one of the most beautiful women you will ever know, AND she’s a squirter.” (#me) Anyway, I’ve tried to squirt before but I never really got there, you know? Aaaaages ago I was just casually masturbating and then Sutphin Boulevard came on my playlist and then also came a whole lot of squirty goodness. You run a sex blog so you know what those feels are, but it was literally heaven. Later I would find out that you know Dev and that he is also an alt-playboy, and I was just like “huh? wow, that can’t be a coincidence then…” I haven’t squirted since, and I am 100% sure that Dev’s music had a LOT to do with it. So if you want to tell him that, then that’s cool you know, whatever :)

  33. Christie says:

    Please please interview Cosey Fanni Tutti

  34. jazz says:

    do more of these please.
    with these people:
    – james franco
    – diplo

  35. hobo bang cha says:

    people who are obsessed with sex tend to be emotional cripples in my experience

  36. jasmine says:

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!! Yes, do more of these. Great job! You’ve made me a repeat customer.

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