15 Responses to This Week in Pictures

  1. dalas v says:

    OMG Tea! She’s always so pretty.

  2. Larry says:

    Why is Dev dressed like Richard Lewis?

  3. dirty says:

    clearly hamilton knows what really matters & its def not cleaning!

  4. abba says:

    amazing, what camera did you use?

  5. kat says:

    haha fuckin hipsters youre all cute

  6. cheri says:

    love your outfit–very next level frenchie lolita sex kittens. you have a very admirable spinal area in the video still!

  7. wah says:

    fucking great pictures. which camera do you have? and what program do you use for editing pictures?

    love u sky high <3
    (and please do not ignore this question because we all know you've seen it and now if you don't reply everyone will think that you're a bitch)

  8. jnmbvmjh, says:

    ugh why are all your friends and -especially- you all so hot ugh stop making me feel even more shit about my own life but either way you’re doing good at everything in life

  9. jnmbvmjh, says:

    also dev’s really sexy

  10. trustus says:

    You are aware that you are the copy of the copy of the copy, are you not?

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