33 Responses to This Week in Pictures

  1. berry pie says:

    i love your boob. you should have a baby

  2. naomi says:

    what camera do you use?

  3. fred says:

    do you bite your nails?

  4. Chieusedeboussoles says:

    So many pictures!

  5. Kay says:

    Hey, just wondering, what ever happened to Bunny?

    • karleyslutever says:

      He lives in London remember? :( But he will be in NYC this summer and I’ll take lots of pics of him, I promise.

      • ruby says:

        i think i saw bunny on the central line months ago and was really excited but i dont really know anyone in real life who reads this blog (sorry) so i had no one to tell and then i felt sad.

        • karleyslutever says:

          You can just comment it here, I’m always up for hearing about Bunny tube sightings. Also, tell your friends to read my blog, obvs.

          • Kay says:

            When he comes to NYC can you just lock him in your cupboard so he doesn’t go back? :)

  6. obviouslyfake says:

    Which pro-domme is that?

  7. India says:

    Gah! Finally! Been reading through your whole blog it’s taken me like four days but Im finally up to date. Just so you know, you an your blog have completely inspired me. So much love. Indi x

  8. Tenelle says:

    Really cool ;)
    Been reading your blog since the start of 2012 & I’m addicted! Very inspiring <3

  9. o. says:

    Holy shit, who is the middle girl in the fourth picture from the bottom?? She looks exactly like me! That is my face, I even have those glasses..

  10. sarah says:

    Is that Mistress Dee in pic #3?

  11. Matty says:

    Great stuff! I didn’t know you and Hamilton hang out. Do you call him Hammy? Because you should.

  12. Heather says:

    Because I commented on your last blog post, a French guy emailed me asking if he could masturbate to me on skype. YOU’RE BLOG IS TAKING ME PLACES!

    I said no but sent him a Paint drawing of me, watching him, jerk off. Which is still good, right? Here’s a link: http://i48.tinypic.com/15rjl2o.jpg

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