21 Responses to This Week in Pictures

  1. Martin says:

    The guy next to Dev in the group shot with the painted nails is hot.

  2. Jam says:

    Putting someone’s phone number up is brave…

  3. Heather says:

    Is the story behind you, the child, and the hospital stuff getting explained?

  4. graham says:

    contrary to your recent tragic posts, your life looks like totes, the, best.

  5. John says:

    What kind of camera are you using?

  6. anal killer says:

    I wan’t to cum in your ring!

  7. LiggerNips says:

    Hey Karley, I seen that short film you did that had some sexual action going on, but do you plan on making a legit sex tape, with some gorilla fucking and facial action at all? You would be the shit if you did!!

  8. plermpt says:

    week in pictures is a good idea looks like you had fun.

  9. Oh_hi says:

    this is white girl problems in picture form.

  10. Louis says:

    Hamilton lives in the hamptons with a hamster, fixing the house with a hammer, you make him a ham sandwich and put the laundry in hamper. SEPERATE THE LIGHTS FROM THE DARKS ;) That’s what its about!

  11. 1 says:

    how do you edit your photos karley? they look really great.

  12. Serafina says:

    who is blond guy in the first picture? hes waaay cute

  13. lizz says:

    what does Hamilton do in life?

  14. Cristian says:

    Hammy has a damn fine ass, I hope you are tapping it on a regular basis!

  15. I called that number in the picture text and asked about whether the dildo emporium was still in business.. haha, i win.

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