12 Responses to This Week In Pictures

  1. gurl says:

    amazing!! what camera do you use?

  2. wonda kammer says:

    Argh you're so gorgeous please be my friend °-*

  3. veronika says:

    OMG SISSY SARAH!!!!!!!!11111111111! <3 u

  4. sassypants says:

    omg! i can't believe you met sarah!

  5. um yeah says:

    can I fuck your brother? holy shit

  6. compliments says:

    Ahh, I love Sarah.

  7. Veronika says:

    Also second that comment about fucking your brother, dude is hot. Please let him know that should he ever hit a drought in his sex life, your blog fans are here for him.

  8. fangurl says:

    You and sissy sarah make a cute couple

  9. woah says:

    lol, why are you like 800 feet away from sarah while having your arm draped around her? ~*~BoDy LaNgUaGe ExPeRt~~*~*~

  10. yyoooy says:

    omg, dev's got such big fingers !

  11. Ramona says:

    i love matt's hair. great pictures

  12. CJ says:

    that geezer with the "its going to get worse" sign, is a cocksucker.

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