VICE Slutever Show: Love is Pain

Episode 1 of the second season of the VICE Slutever show is up! This time I revisit with Mistress Amanda Whip (who taught me about pee drinking in a previous episode), and she gives me lessons on BDSM for the bedroom. Kinky lolz!

p.s. I make this show with the #glamorous Adri Murguia. It’s the only VICE show made for girls by girl! (But guys can watch too, duh.)



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12 Responses to VICE Slutever Show: Love is Pain

  1. Anon says:

    That was so cute! :)

  2. o. says:

    very informative, i’m definitely going to try implementing some of this tonight

  3. brittany says:

    this episode made me want to be in a S&M-version of sex in the city with a bunch of cute dom girls as well as finding out more about the neurological link b/t pain and pleasure = good job, karley! xo <3

  4. James P. says:

    Best episode yet.

  5. Gabby says:

    So gonna quote this the whole week on twitter. #famous

    Ps. The end credits part looks like it’s going to give you breast cancer. Lolz

  6. allie says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it!!!

  7. Tenelle says:

    This is entertaining as well as educational, which I love. I want the black embellished bra you’re wearing at the beginning and end of the show; its HOT!

  8. whaaaaaaa says:


  9. Serafina says:

    Best video of all others- cute, sexy, and truly helpful. The issue of figuring out how to get a guy to dominate me has been very difficult for me… even my recent boyfriend who was into a little s&m would never start up with it unless I asked him. It seems more practical to explain why I like kinky foreplay and it is all about that severe dichotomy of sweetness vs. torture, as said in the video. They enhance each other so well.. and it’s just what I prefer to have done to me. There’s really nothing wrong with it and if someone cares enough about my pleasure they can help me out by spanking me. ;D

  10. Serafina says:

    Damn fine video, and hot!

  11. jg323 says:

    i like when the taxi hits a couple potholes at the beginning…

  12. Jorge says:

    best episode so far, liked it.

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