Video Memoriez

Yo! Here’s the newest video update of my life! I realized the other day that I’ve never filmed anything at the Chinese restaurant where I work. Working there is SO awkward because none of the chefs speak English and obvs none of the alt white girl waitress speak Chinese, so there is a lot of embarrassing/failed hand signal communication going on constantly. It’s like endless food charades. I also have a semi-stalker who’s like 50 who comes in and brings me weird presents like bagels with salmon and cream cheese. (#carbaside) So many memoriez, so little time…

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12 Responses to Video Memoriez

  1. LB says:

    iiiii wanna be your friend! at glasslands, right? trying to work out what venue that was.tell dev to let me book him goddamit

  2. eno says:

    is that alexa chung? BOOOORING

  3. quackenbush says:

    All your friends are American now. Boo to that.

  4. HPV says:

    Blood Orange and Alexa Chung are British.

  5. LLPOOLJ says:

    I srsly want you to pee on me. Do you make home visits? i live in bk.

  6. Dolly says:

    you saw beyonce in her thinly veiling preggo disguise!!! SO JELalso i was more thinking cuz you're stateside it's weird to hear so many brit voices

  7. cw says:

    I just read your first ever post…I'm from Bournemouth! Hamburgerology is still there. The Consortium was replaced by a 'tiki themed bar'.

  8. quackenbush says:

    Good spot HPV. Silly me.

  9. d00m says:

    Your Vimeo distracts me when I should be proofreading manuscripts. curses.

  10. adri says:

    lol attacks but why?and also "woah we're part of her life" – Peter

  11. dalas v says:

    I knew he was up to some trippy cactus shee.

  12. Rachel says:

    What is that song playing at 1:55?

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