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This Week in Sex: Porn Carnivals and Slutty Teens

November 18, 2019
Would rather deepthroat a burger or a chicken parm? Is VR porn an existential threat? Why are people angry about a sex worker’s horny book launch? This and more in our weekly Sex News :)

What if you move in together and your (gender non-specific) boner dies a horrible death?

The guys at Carl’s Jr. have finally got together to be like, “Wait… maybe a random celebrity deepthroating a burger is actually kind of awkward?”

Do you ever try to have sex sober and feel like you’re stuck in your own head? This is one woman’s journey through “mindfulness” and beyond.

So, your 13-year-old daughter dresses kinda slutty. Do you say something, or wait until she goes full Jawbreaker?

Poet and sex worker Rachel Rabbit White had a raucous book launch that adopted her book title as its theme: Porn Carnival. For some reason, this triggered certain people on Twitter who thought that those involved didn’t have the right kind of leftist politics (eye roll). Proceeds from the event went to advocacy group Whose Corner Is It Anyway.

60% of VR sites are porn sites, proving the theory that the Internet (and all technology?) is just a glorified mastubatory tool. But is VR sex so good that it makes us hate our real lives?

Apparently “chicken parm guys” are a thing on New York dating apps. Ofc everyone is horny for chicken parm, but does a belly full of cheese-meat actually make you want to fuck a real human?

New show Dickinson is the tale of beloved American poet Emily Dickinson, but told in the most horny, queer way possible. It makes the 1800s look hot and fun, minus all the tuberculosis.



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