5 Things I’m Into This Week

1. Paz de la Huerta

You know when you go on epic Googling sessions and stalk one person/thing for hours and hours on end? Well that’s where I am with Paz de la Huerta right now. I’m totally in love/lust with her. I first saw her in Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void last summer and thought she was totally sexy and weird looking and insane. Then I recently saw her in Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control and my obsession was solidified. I just love how she is so confident, and truly doesn’t give a fuck and is constantly getting naked and talking about sex and how much she loves getting fucked. Look how cool she is?!

2. Black Spark

Black Spark is the name of an Xtube profile run by an anonymous 21 year old filmmaker from Chicago, who started posting videos of his sex life on XTube last fall. He makes amazingly hot, gay art pornos that are as much about beauty and love as they are about cumming. Black Spark claims his films are more art than porn, however they contain butt fucking and cum shots, which make them porn enough for me. People are starting to freak out about him at the moment, however he won’t reveal his identity and always wears a mask. Lots of people in his films wear masks too. You should defs Google him.

3. Bill Cunningham

Last night I went to see the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, and I highly recommend you go see it too! Cunningham is a long-time fashion photographer for the New York Times, and I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s such an inspiring and feel-good film. After watching I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be cynical about fashion/anything again for the rest of my life. Here’s the trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYqiLJBXbss&w=520&h=323]

4. Tavi

I can never get enough of Tavi, and this week is no exception. Her fashion blog, The Style Rookie, is definitely the thing I most look forward to reading on the internet. Like I literally regard everything that comes out of her 14-year-old mouth as if it were the word of god. I wish I was as insightful, witty, stylish, smart, and all around cool as Tavi when I was a teenager. Or even now, for that matter. Reading her blog just makes me really happy to be a girl, and want to unashamedly profess my biologically determined love of cute things, like babies and small animals and barettes and ruffle socks and boys with lisps and everything pink and oh god, the list goes on. Whenever I’m feeling lazy, or can’t be bothered to make an effort with how I look, I just read Tavi’s blog and it reminds me how fun and important getting dressed up can be. And did you know she is starting a new teen magazine with Jane Pratt, the woman behind both Sassy and Jane magazine? Ahh! Clit boner!

Also, Tavi has a shrine to Courtney Love in her room (cool) and in it she has the Dazed and Confused with CL on the cover with the article that I wrote about her! So it’s kind of like Tavi has a little piece of me in her room. Magical.

5. Crying

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t stop crying recently. I’m like a giant ball of feelings. And no I’m not pregnant/about to get my period. I cried all during the Bill Cunningham documentary. I cried at a particularly poignant Verizon Wireless commercial. I cried when the bodega near my house ran out of the spinach and artichoke flavor of Sabra humus. Then yesterday I was having sex with my bf and he made me cum and afterward I burst into tears. Like total out-of-nowhere sob fest. It was like I was having a physical and an emotional orgasm at the same time. At first I was kinda weirded out/embarrassed, but then I was like ‘Wait, I’m a girl! Crying it totally warranted, even necessary!’ It’s our job as girls to have too many feelings. It’s also our job to teach boys the right way to do everything. Without us they would be totally lost.



20 Replies to “5 Things I’m Into This Week”

  1. It's like in the Dire Straits song Making Movies, where he goes "Juliet, when we made love you used to cry." That song meant a lot to me in my tween years.

  2. I love you! and Paz and Bill and Tavi. Also, lately I keep crying after I make myself orgasm lately so I totes feel you girl.

  3. also i hate to say it, but he's not really your boyfriend if he cares more about science than he does your vagina.just saying.you know where i am.x

  4. Oh, thanks for telling about black spark! that's the porn i've been missing in my life! and ive got this crazy gay/bi- fixation atm, so… thanks for satisfying me! haha :D

  5. Karley!long time reader; first time commentingjust to say thanks for the Black Spark. All this time I've spent with MaverickMan22 now seems like a total waste. This is the guy.much loveSps. I swear yr friend Bunny goes to my uni now. it's like the internet is following me

  6. Yes x1000 to this post. I'm starting to think of the question "Do you appreciate Paz De La Huerta?" as a kind of litmus test for cool women. <3 u paz, <3 u karly

  7. I'm having an epic googling orgy on you right now: probably should be studying for my 730 am final tomorrow or something. You remind me that while I have come to this shit-hole town in Iowa for college: what are the judgements of Iowans? Are there weirdos homegrown here that don't fall into a methed out black hole? Clearly not. Thanks.

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