A Bedtime Story

So this girl I know, from high school- she was a T.O.T.A.L. slut. Seriously, she must have given, like, three hundred, no, five hundred blowjobs by the time she graduated. She sucked everybody’s dick. And I mean everybody. She loved that shit. Rumor has it she got her molars removed just so she could deep-throat even deeper. This girl, she was the real deal. A real-life cum dumpster. A living legend.

So anyway, this slut, she would have a different guy over every night. Sometimes more than one. And she would suck them off real good. She had great technique. She would start off slow- tickling his balls with her wet tongue. You know, real soft and gentle like. Next she would lick around the base of his cock, slowly making her way up to the head. Pretty soon she’d have his whole cock in her mouth, sucking hard, then slow, making sure to tease his wet, tight asshole with her finger. Sometimes, if she was being fucked by two guys at once, she’d put both of their dicks in her mouth at the same time. She was great at multitasking. This girl, she was a God.

But the thing is, this girl, she could never bring herself to swallow the spunk. It was too just important to her. The spunk, I mean. So you know what this girl did? Every time she brought a guy to orgasm, she’d save the thick, white ejaculate in her mouth, then run to her bathroom and spit the bitter liquid into a big green bucket she kept hidden under her sink. She fucking saved that shit. This bucket- this was her liquid treasure.

So after a while, after giving three hundred, no, five hundred blowjobs, this girl had a lot of cum saved up. So much, in fact, that the bucket was too heavy to lift. So when it came time for graduation, and this girl was about to go off to college at the University of Southern California, she had a hell of a lot of cum to deal with. But what could she do with it? She couldn’t just leave it there. Her mom would have found it for sure. But she couldn’t throw it away either. It had far too much sentimental value. Sort of like a family heirloom, only from a really, really big family.

But this slut was smart. So you know what she did? Every day, for the whole summer before she went off to university, this girl took a little bit of her treasure- about a teacup full- and left it in different places around her house. One day she’d dump a glass of cum in her back garden. The next, down the kitchen drain. The next, in the plant pot on the front porch. And so on and so on, until there wasn’t a drop of spunk left. And then this girl went off to college like normal, knowing there would always be a part of her treasure to come home to.

That was, however, until Spring came, and this girl got a frantic phone call from her mom and dad saying that she had to come home to Pennsylvania right away. So this girl got on a plane. And let me tell you something- what this girl found when she got home was something no one should ever have to see. Something so bad, so horrible, that after seeing it, no human being could ever be the same.

What this girl saw was a plant. Lots of plants, actually. One growing out of her back garden. One growing out of the kitchen sink. One out of the crack in the living room floor, and so on and so on. And growing on the tips of these plants, right there for everyone to see, were big, purple, veiny, erect cocks. And they were throbbing. The cocks had heartbeats. And not only did they have heartbeats, but they were crying. Crying like newborn babies. And as this girl looked down at the weeping cock growing out of her toilet, all she could think about was how badly she wanted to put that purple, throbbing cock baby in her mouth. It was just so beautiful. She couldn’t control herself.

So right there, right in front of her mom and dad, this girl went for it. She started sucking that plant cock off real good- licking and sucking and teasing its hard stem with her wet fingers. She was great at multitasking. And her parents just stood there, frozen with shock, as this girl sucked and sucked. And finally, after about ten minutes, the giant, throbbing plant cock squirted its big, green plant cock load all over this girl’s face. And that wasn’t all. What this girl did next- she started rubbing the green spunk into her skin, like moisturizer. And her parents just stood there, mouths open. And when she was finished- her face covered evenly in the thick, green liquid, this girl pulled out the semi automatic pistol from the pocket of her jeans and shot herself in the head.

Self portraits by Jamie Taete



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  1. *3 years later*

    “…So right there, right in front of her mom and dad, this girl went for it…” — I just brokedown of laughter after that line. Lost it!!!!!! Genius

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