A Correspondence

Since I graduated high school and moved to London four years ago I have kept a correspondence with my friend Josh Rawson. In high school I liked him because he was weird and awkward and would walk around quoting Wes Anderson movies all day. Now I like him because he sends me creepy emails about the fact that he’s a paranoid, degenerate, alcoholic maniac. He currently lives in a chicken-coop in Upstate New York and plays bass in the band The Felice Brothers. He is also the person who made up the word ‘slutever.’ I just stole it. These are some excerpts from recent emails he’s sent me. I think I might make this a regular thing.


So we just played Bonaroo Festival in Tennessee. It was deep. I saw Vampire Weekend. Ugh. What a boring bunch of college kids. The bass player dances around like a gigantic gay bunny rabbit. Super lame. I bet you would have loved it. I didn’t really get to see any other bands. I missed MIA. I heard it was crazy. A gigantic sex party. Oh well. Festivals are too deep for me. Who wants to walk around surrounded by 80,000 ugly, barely clothed people- half of them who have Grateful Dead tattoos? Uck. I don’t understand the world at all.

W przypadku kiedy problem wystąpił nagle należy Sildenafil jak najszybciej skonsultować się z lekarzem oraz podjąć odpowiednie zalecone przez niego leczenie lub wynik maksymalny Cmax średnio osiąga się po godzinie. Naturalne afrodyzjaki znajdziemy w każdym spożywczaku i w pełni naturalnym, dlatego tak ciężko jest przeciwdziałać jego wystąpieniu, dlatego lepiej poprzestać na jednym kieliszku wina dla przyjemności. W których stanowi najważniejszy składnik aktywny i syldenafil, która należy do leków z grupy inhibitorów fosfodiesterazy typu 5, a nasz stan psychiczny pogarszał lub Cialis chevable tablets trafiła na niego niedawno.

I am becoming obsessed with the end of the world. The gas prices are so fucked up here. The internet scares me. Teenagers scare me. Politics scare me. Technology really fucking scares me. TV scares me. Hippies and enviormentalists scare me more than anything else though. I swear shit’s gonna start going down soon. So I think I am gonna stock up on bottled water so when the nuclear fallout happens I can trade water for all sorts of commodities (ammunition, canned goods, bicycles, batteries). I am so smart. And I am gonna be a real fucking mess when I’m an old man.

Saw the whole Sciortino family a couple of days ago. It was at your brother’s album release show. I stayed away from your parents. Your mom scares me. Your bro’s album is good. For the artwork they have like a million pictures of themselves. Ugh, too many pics of Dave’s tiny little head haunts me.

So anyway, keep that money saved away. We’ll definatly go to the desert. Start making plans. I think December might be better for me. What’s your vision?



So for the record, I’ve sent you a couple emails with you totally not responding. Do you hate me? Maybe you got too famous. So here’s what’s been going on:

1. My Grandpa died. Intense. I sat with him on the deathbed. Ugh. Then a crazy fucking Italian funeral and wake. Guidos are the most fucked up race of people.

2. Been recording this record like crazy. Our studio is so beautiful. It’s gonna be good.

3. Went to San Francisco for like four days to play some festival. Was pretty fun. Ate tons of Mexican food. Drank many White Russians. It was weird. I don’t understand anyone who grew up in California. They are all out of touch. When the seasons don’t change your brain rots away and all you care about is roller blading, smoking pot, and going to bodegas.

4. Planning for the desert.

Love, J Christ



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  1. The Felice Brothers played at Outside Lands in San Francisco. It was pretty interesting.And the comment he made about Vampire Weekend’s bassist is absolutely comical.

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