A Day in the Life: Dev Hynes

Wait… Blood Orange is like soooo cool.

Hello, my name is Devonte Hynes aka Black Gosling, aka Kanye Best, aka Judge Doobie, aka Black Forest Ghetto aka GOD.

I live in New York City but also spend some time in New York FUCKING City. When I’m not there I tend to be in LA, which is where these photos were taken.

About the pics: I just found this roll of film in between two couch cushions, underneath Julie, Lucy, Suzanne, and Talisha (girls that I woke up to find sleeping on my couch, obvs). They were taken over 48 hours, so technically it’s two days in my life, not one. Whatever. Enjoy my sick fucking life and don’t even attempt to live vicariously through me… I WILL FIND OUT.

Me looking sick as fuck.

A painting I did of Karl Malone aka “THE LEGEND” from the Utah Jazz looking sick as fuck. What, you thought niggas couldn’t paint !??!?!

Venus X in front of Lady Tragik’s Camaro looking sick as fuck. This is the only way I roll.

Look at my ponytail silhouette looking sick as fuck.

We went to some party that yet again we were PAID to go to (#HateMyLife). But whatever, here’s Theophilus London and Venus X looking sick as fuck.

Motherfucking Baby Kreayshawn up in this, drinking candlewax and shit. Sick as fuck. [Note from editor: ooooooohhhhh my gooooood.]

Always voguing in my double leather ensemble and looking sick as fuck. #BlakeWood

Oh you don’t know about the L.A Lakers? This is the only Laker I fuck with, fuck them other old Niggas. Wassup Ron Artest looking sick as fuck in your open top buttoned shirt, tie and trilby combo.

Common turned up and did a live P.A and dropped literally 30 seconds of rap over mp3’s of his music, no, not instrumentals, I’m talking the actual tracks. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was just Spotify offline mode.. anyway, you know he got like, 30 Gs just for turning up to this shit, sick as fuck.

Obligatory party shot featuring the above players looking sick as fuck.

Remember the girls from my couch?

After getting our drank and dank on, Har Mar Superstar rocked up to my room. I got my “photographer” skills on and took some “shots”.

Breakfast healing. I was indeed, quite literally, sick as fuck :-(

Yasmine Kittles in Rite Aid… let it be known that this shit is my second choice after Duane Reade.

Some natural healing with Aaron Pfenning and Nedelle Torissi.

“Solo” at the back of some music venue that we tore the fuck up. They’re all the same.

Finally chilled at Liz Lee’s Star Wars pad. Is there anywhere else to go from here?

Well, that’s the end of 48 hours in my sick as fuck life. I love you all for reading this, but not in a romantic way… in the way where I’ll spend two more minutes in bed with you in the morning before going to Jamba Juice. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!



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  1. So me and corridor mates and some other people are playing a drinking game by reading this post aloud and doing shots everytime ‘sick as fuck’ comes up. We like it so much we’ll be playing it AGAIN straight after. Maybe again after that. Also, some of us have been inspired by the piss comics. We love your blog!

  2. wow. I actually liked this guy before I read this, and now I think he’s a big pile of fucking poseur.

    Also what is he eating in that photo? Tortillas and dog turds?

  3. Ssshhhiiiitttt son, Alt C-list is where it’s at! Also, the guy from Kelis and Calvin Harris’ ‘Bounce’ video – win

  4. lol at everyone thinking he’s serious and now ~*~* a giant poser asshole omg~*~*
    but also lol at his jhonen vasquez tattoo.

  5. wow dev seems like a total douche! doesn’t matter if he is trying to be ironic or someshit, it definitely aint funny. Dev’s lyf on da D list

  6. I play the musical saw because I find the instrument to be fascinating… I also skate. I skate the boards and I skate them hard. Do you roll? Cm’on let’s go!
    Erin Rose Bright

  7. we’ll never be this young again, live life as you see fit. Hey Dev(canureadthis) would love to hear some raps tracks if you have any. PS disco jams is tite.

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