A Day in the Life: Sandy Kim

Self portrait of Sandy and her bf, Colby

More new new new stuff on Slutever! Today is the start of a new series called A Day in the Life, where I’m enlisting lots of amazing, cool, talented, interesting, weird/hot people to document a day in their life and share it with us. Exciting, right? The first installment is by the amazing photographer, Sandy Kim! I’ve been a fan of Sandy’s for years, ever since the first time I looked at her blog and fell totally in love with her intensely intimate (and at times gross) documentary photography. Her photos tend to involve bodily fluids and tall skinny boys with long hair–two of my all time favorite things! I finally got to meet her earlier this year on a photoshoot with Ryan McGinley, where he had us make-out with each other naked on various rooftops around NYC for 5 hours. It was the perfect first meeting, if you ask me.

Hi, I’m Sandy. Last week I went to LA to visit my parents. This is what happened…

Mom, Dad and I drive to Mount Maldy to fish in a trout pond.

We catch two trouts and eat it as sashimi!

Around 5pm I convince my mom to let me drive to meet Liza and Matt at their recording studio. Their band is called Starr.

At 9 pm I drop the car back off at my mom’s and walk over to Liza and Matt’s apartment. On the way I see this neon light that says ‘dwit gol mok’ in Korean, which translates to ‘back alley’ in English. I’m not sure why I took a picture of this sign. I guess I just liked the way it looked.

Liza’s house!

She takes me to her roof.

Liza lives at the Gay Lord. Supposedly it’s haunted.

There is an epic view of LA from the Gaylord roof.

We go back downstairs to their apartment and hang out for a while.

Liza and I decide to go meet David, Nicky, Rhett, Marlon, and Mercedes at the pool hall right around the corner.

Got the the pool hall but the game was already over so we walked to 7-11 to pick up beers and saw this cool sign on the way.

Friends buying beer.

David waits outside of 7-11.

Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes!


We head to the next party at Aaron brown’s house. I finally meet his gf Natasha.

Aaron Brown


Drunk Laura and maybe Brian is drunk too.

We attempt to go the next party at 4am. Obviously a bust. Fuck you I’m going home! Goodnight!



12 Replies to “A Day in the Life: Sandy Kim”

  1. Karley im liking all these new series or whatever but you gotta have a little more sexy stuff on here girl. and by sexy I mean sex.

  2. I love this! It’s so great that you’re documenting what you do (outside of your sex life)! Keep it up, I really like this! XX

  3. I really enjoyed this! Great idea for a new blog feature. I’m going to check out her blog now.

    If you’d ever like to feature a photographer/jewellery designer who uses bones/taxidermist from the Uk please get in touch ;-)

  4. i can’t wait to see more of these day in the lives :)
    these photos are all incredibly beautiful, all though you got my hopes up on seeing tall boys and bodily fluids

  5. When I saw the first part about trout fishing I got excited that this might not be the exact same as every other “””””hip”””” “””””””photographers”””””””” life… Then I read on and got disappointed. Then I saw the girl with the blue eyebrows and got even more disappointed, so I scrolled down to record my dismay in this comment. Now I’m going to x out this window

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