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For this Day in the Life Cody Critcheloe–the brain behind the unhinged art beast that is SSION–took some behind-the-scenes photos on the shoot for his new video “My Love Grows in the Dark”. The song is the first single from the physical release of SSION’s third album, Bent. However, most SSION fans are already familiar with the record, as Cody put it up as a free download on the SSION website last Summer, to coincide with a week of performances he did at MoMA’s PS1 museum to premier the record. I was lucky enough to see Cody at MoMA, and it was one of the most spectacular live performances I have ever seen. I’ve been listening to Bent on repeat ever since. It’s also GREAT to work out to, FYI.

If you aren’t familiar with SSION then OMG start Googling because you’re missing out on the best thing ever. Since 1997 SSION has released three albums, made a feature film, toured with bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fisherspooner, directed music videos for artists like Peaches and the Gossip, and exhibited art in cities all over the world. AKA you have a lot of catching up to do. Here’s one of my favorite ever SSION videos, just to get you started.

Hi, I’m Cody. Below are some photos from our video shoot, taken by Megan Mantia. I directed the video along with my buddy Chris Good. It was shot in Kansas City at my friend Jaimie Warren‘s real-life doll house. The image at the top of the post is a sketch of the dinning room I did prior to the shoot.

We took over the first floor of her house for a few days. Each room had a different theme.

The video is sort of a backhanded version of a pop star–almost the antethisis of a pop star. That’s why my face is blown out until the very end of the video. You can’t really see me, the right lighting can make anyone look good, the more extreme the more it erases flaws, age, blah blah blah. Think Gwen Stefani in “Underneath it All”. Haha. I wanted to do it so extreme that the only thing left were my eyes, moustache and mouth. Then at the end is the reveal: bald, tons of make-up, daylight… basically, I’m a WITCH!

We bought 90% of the props and scenery at Wal-Mart and Home Hepot and returned everything after the shoot, so it basically cost no money. We even returned the goldfish and the opened fish food to Petsmart for a full refund. They are like rental places if you want them to be.

The song was written about a sex club – everything is completely dark, you have to feel your way around. No one really sees me in the video and if they do, they are indifferent. I walk through this house where everyone is completely self-obsessed. This video will be part of a larger narrative of videos for the album Bent.

Jaimie has four roomies who are really cool, they even helped out with shaving my head, which took ten people.

And FINALLY, the video!

P.S. SSION are playing TONIGHT at the Highline Ballroom in NYC! COME!!!



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  1. jaimie’s roommates are a cool as she is and they all make awesome shit but they aren’t famous. their names are erica, katie, seth, elizabeth, and louise. just FYI.

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