Hey, I sold out and got an ad on my site. Now please click it and buy something. (No, seriously.) Maybe one day, if you guys buy enough see-through tank tops, I won’t have to refill soy sauce bottles for a living. And speaking of making money, yesterday some weirdo in Australia payed me $75 for a piece of paper with my spit and cum on it. Do you think if I sell enough spit paper I’ll be able to quit my day job? Hmm… Anyway, if you want some of my spit on a piece of paper please email me at karleyslutever@gmail.com. I also probably have some dirty tissues and a bunch of other random shit with my dead skin cells on it lying around if you want to pay me for any of that.

Photo by Sandy Kim



10 Replies to “AA”

  1. i want to kill myself too. go full blown ad. make some fucking money off this shit. i would. don’t give away your free milk. or something like that.

  2. Well, you’re going to be stupid rich off those piss milkshakes this summer anyways, so it’s not like it matters.

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