Am I Normal? – Diaper Lover

Amy is a 20 year old university student from the UK. After reading my interview with the adult baby Baby Bunnykins, she sent me an email saying the following:

“You could say I’m a diaper lover–wearing a diaper during sex
really turns me on. However it annoys me that most stories about ABDLs (adult baby/diaper lovers) are about extreme, middle aged men who nearly give up their lives to live like a baby. I want the public to know ABDLs aren’t as creepy as most people perceive them. I’m relatively normal, good-looking, friendly and sweet, I swear!”

She then suggested I interview her about her fetish, to give all you wonderful Slutever readers an opposing look at the ABDL community. I replied, Yes, definitely!

So Amy, I’ve been thinking… maybe the reason most press about the ABDL community focuses on older men is because that’s when it seems the most “weird”. Maybe a girl being babied, or being submissive sexually, is not that far from off from real life?
Yeah, the schoolgirl fetish is pretty mainstream. One of my friends is into calling her boyfriend “Daddy,” and that doesn’t feel very kinky. I just hate that so many people find ABDLs creepy, because it makes me feel ashamed and put-off by my own fantasies, when really everyone’s a bit strange in their own way.

So what exactly is your fetish? I know not all DLs are adult babies too.
For me it’s nothing to do with children or wanting to be a baby. It’s about being humiliated, restrained, and pushed into dirty, embarrassing submission. It’s about someone else having full control over you to the point where they can force you to do the worst thing imaginable. And a little bit of Omorashi.

Why do you think it is that humiliation and sex are so linked? I often have fantasies about being fucked in front of an audience, and lots of my girlfriends have said the same thing.
It’s so true! I think if you enjoy being submissive, if the person dominating you is exercising their power in front of more people, it just becomes a heightened level of submission.

When did the diaper infatuation begin?
I remember liking diapers as early as 4. My sister was a baby then, and I would sneakily put on her diapers and my mom would would yell at me that I was too old. Around 13/14 my interest turned into fantasies; the idea of being in a diaper just turned me on. But I put it to the back of my mind because I didn’t know that it was “a thing”, or even possible, and I was embarrassed.

When was the first time you tried it IRL?
When I was 18 I brought it up with my boyfriend. We had been going out for a year and I told him there was something weird that turned me on, and then obviously he really wanted to know. Eventually I worked up the courage to tell him once after we’d been cuddling for ages, and he was like, “Well, obviously it’s a bit weird, but let’s just go try it right now!” He was very accepting. Also I think he found it sexy that I was really into something.

And then what?
We went and got some baby diapers from the supermarket, but we got child ones so they were far too small. But we just messed around for a while–mainly him putting them on me and telling me off. From there I learned more about what sort of diapers I wanted to wear and where to find them, and we got more into role playing as time went on

Was he dominant in bed anyway?
Yeah, bigtime. I couldn’t enjoy sex with someone who wasn’t.

Before the first time with your bf, was wearing diapers just a fantasy, or had you worn them alone?
Just a fantasy.

Sometime when you act out a fantasy, the reality of it isn’t as hot as it was in your head. Like I have gangbag fantasies, but I think probs if I was actually gangbanged it might be a bit “too much”. Were you afraid wearing a diaper during sex might turn out bad? Was it as hot as you expected?
With fantasy there’s always going to something that you can’t fully achieve, because in your mind you can push to infinite extremes, but it was still definitely sooo good. Wearing the diaper relaxes me quite a lot. It’s become something that turns me on more than anything else.

Do you pee in the diaper?
Well it’s always sort of been part of the fantasy, and I tried it by myself when I was alone once and I really liked it, and I then tried it with my boyfriend for the first time this summer. I had brought it up ahead of time and he liked the idea of it because it was dirty (he’s very sadistic). Then once when I was tied down to the bed while he was getting ready for work I just did it. At first I couldn’t do it with him near me–I was too nervous and it’s actually pretty hard to do, just because it’s unnatural–but now I’m getting better at it. And sometimes he’ll force me to drink water so it’s easier, or he’ll make me sit on the toilet it I can’t

What about more than peeing?
I’ve never shit in one, and I wouldn’t. Well… never say never because I’d try anything once, but it’s mainly about pee for me. And if I did shit, I would have to be forced to, like a no other choice situation.

Have you told your friends about your fetish?
No, I’m so embarrassed by it. I hate diapers but I love them! Also though it’s quite nice to have something about yourself that you don’t tell people.

So you wish you weren’t into it?
Yeah, I wish I was into something more mainstream. The fear of someone finding out is such a burden.

Do you wear diapers when you masturbate?

No, it’s not a massive part of masturbation for me because I generally just use a vibrator and I can make myself come really quickly. I find it hard to make myself cum with just my hands—I have a few times but it’s just too much effort. But diaper play is generally the only thing I think about when reaching orgasm.

Do you watch porn?
I don’t generally feel the need for visual stimulation, but I do sometimes.

Can you cum solely through penetrative sex?

My lesbian roommate can’t get her head around the fact that a lot of girls find it hard to cum during “standard” heterosexual sex.

I just find it very difficult though. I guess everyone is different but it annoys me
sooo much. Why is it easier for some girls? But I think you should tell your roommate that for some people, sex isn’t just about cumming. It’s really not about that for me. I just like being fucked and dominated, that’s what does it for me. I go on top sometimes, but mainly I feel out of place up there. However I’ll masturbate in front of my bf or whatever, so I do cum with him.

Do you ever fake orgasms?

No, I hate lying! I’m pretty sexually confident, but I don’t think I’m confident enough to fake it.

Do you think you could be in relationship where the other person wasn’t into diaper play, and it wasn’t a factor in sex?

No. I think if you’re going to be with someone they should be completely accepting of who you are and what turns you on. I wouldn’t have a satisfying sex life if I was with someone who didn’t like it.

TBH, talking about the fetish has made me think it’s way hotter than I did before.
Yay, that’s good!



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  1. I really don't understand what's going on with us ladies today. Is it that after Girl's had more power, men became such lame – soft – no balled mama's boys, and we miss being controlled and bullied. Why all this "I'm turned on by being humiliated" thing? I'm the other way around, I have issues with anal sex, not only because it would be pleasure for the guy only, at least in my case, but because what it socially means. So I follow my BF around and poke his ass anytime he leans (inverted psychology). I like giving head to the boy I like, but please don't push my head to your crotch, because I'll bite your willy. Is it because I'm Scorpio? Is it because my mother is my paternal figure and my dad my maternal figure? Do I have penis envy? Am I a lesbian?Sex is frustrating and confusing… In my case the only way I can cum is thinking of fucking Girls, but for some reason I really don't want this fantasy to happen in real life, I fear having sex with a girl is so boring that my only effective fantasy will vanish., and that I'll end up being asexual. Don't you Girls sometimes wish you just came with penetration ( in my case never evah) at the same time as your BF? That you got wet by seeing a penis? That you could enjoy straight porn?

  2. I am still trying to make sense of that picture. Is it one person? What is going on there? or I am just plain retarded(no offense to any retard reading this)

  3. I think that humiliation and sex are so linked because we live in a world where we portray huge facades to each other. We play roles. We distance ourselves. We restrain our emotions so we can be "professionals". Humiliation is the ultimate exposure. Imagine some jackass, rich, CEO with 8 cars, 3 mansions and no respect for his assistant (you). Imagine him at a meeting where he's being a jackass dictator and someone pulls off his pants and exposes his lumpy, dirty micropenis and humiliation washes over him. Suddenly his status completely dissolves and you see him as nothing less than a human being. It's kind of loving in a way. Humiliation is about seeing the humanity in others and that's all we want. And when our culture keeps us so far from the connection and intimacy we seek, our needs come out in fairly negative ways. I'm not saying it's bad to indulge in humiliation if it turns you on. But maybe one day we can build a society where intimacy is freer and easier to access in ourselves and others. I think blogs like this are a good step :D

  4. it can be very hard to find acceptance in our daily lives.annabanana you hit the nail on the head. humans spend lots of time and money trying to distance themselves from being animals. we are constantly restraining ourselves. humiliation domination fetishes bdsm all acknowledge that to be an animal is crazy and intense, and the humanity stems from that. it is a very compassionate act to allow someone to express a fuller depth of emotion. i know that this is partly related to why women on the internet rule. because there is a medium to solicit the expression of others and provide encouragement without judgment. that is love.all one

  5. Just @Joan, I myself love both – being dominant and being dominated that is. There's nothing hotter to me then being on top, choking a guy and slapping him across the face when he tries to fight back, but at the same time, I love that he's stronger than me and when he pulls my hair etc To me that's the point of sex; power sharing and indulging one another!

  6. Hey, good convo.@emily. I've heard men say they think girls cum harder, and that for guys ejaculation feels more like a "release", and that it actually feels better in the moments leading up to it. I'm not sure though, and I guess it would be difficult to measure. But in my experience it seems like girl orgasms last longer, right?Also yeah, send emails to with the subject Ask Slutever.x

  7. She's lucky to have been with someone who was so welcoming of her fetish. Even if you're in love with someone, it's difficult to put on an act sexually, in order to please another person. It could just have easily not worked out.

  8. In response to Charles… If you're in love with someone and someone is in love with you, you want to have every possible part of each other and to be able to satisfy each other in every way you can..? It would be sad to think someone would be closed of to something or someone after you've already fallen in love with them, due to the expanse of crazy thoughts that enter the mind which are hard to control or eliminate. Sex is a major part of a relationship for me, it's kind of key to good one too, sex can be reflected in relationships, thought dynamics, all sorts of ways. So if you're really close with someone and very happy sexually, you have a good relationship, with great trust, etc. I also like to think that people can be quite sexually curious. And a lot of people are just damn wierd :D

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