Ask Slutever (AKA Ask No Bra)

Pic by Matthew Stone

For this installment of Ask Slutever I’ve enlisted the help of my friend Susanne Oberbeck. Under the name No Bra she makes disturbing, experimental punk music; her topless, monotone live performances never fail to both confuse and enlighten people with their sublime awkwardness. Susanne is also one of the most genuinely interesting, intelligent, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-you-think people I’ve ever met. And TBH in this alternative sphere that most of us reading this blog revolve in, where everyone is just a little bit “weird”, or makes some form of craaazy art, or is in an experimental noise band that also makes DIY zines about emerging street style (with vague undertones of paedophilia), it’s rare to meet someone who truly stands out from the rest, who you just can’t take your eyes off of. For me, that’s No Bra!

No Bra’s single “Munchausen” is definitely in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Also, her song “Doherfuckher” is on the soundtrack to Bruce La Bruce’s gay zombie film Otto; or, Up with Dead People (one of my faves). Her new single, “Minger”, is mega fab, and you can watch the video for it below. I’m in it vomiting milk, obvs.

Directed by No Bra and Matthew Stone

1. I recently slept with a guy three times my age for money. No one knows about it, and I don’t feel like I could ever tell any of my friends because they would judge me. It’s not something I plan to do as a job, but for a bit of extra money I might do it again. Do you think the fact that I won’t tell anyone about it is a sign that I shouldn’t be doing it? Anna, Somewhere
Don’t tell your friends if you feel they would be judgmental. However I’ve had friends that were prostitutes or escorts etc, and all of them eventually developed some kind of substance problem, along with various psychological issues, so do it if it’s fun, but stop if it isn’t. Also make sure that you are not becoming dependent on it financially. There is a reason that it’s easy money, and this is partially due to the fact that it’s still harder for women, and some men, to make a lot of money doing something they are actually good at, and it’s in the interest of old and ugly rich guys who can’t get laid to keep it that way. This isn’t your or anybody’s fault, rather it’s the mechanics of capitalism, and the individual can’t do a lot to change it, but women collectively should try and fight it, and make sure they don’t become victims of the situation. So unless you get some kind of sexual kick out of it and actually enjoy it, or you are looking for material for a novel or a record or whatever, I would be wary of overdoing it and instead try and find some other way of making decent money, even if it initially seems more difficult.

1. Through a thorough examination of the Slutever website and, quite frankly, my entire life, I was able to pull out characteristics that might be viewed by some as “hipster.” I was wondering how you feel about this subculture? Is it even a subculture? Or is it just a reproduced reflection of past rebellion that has been marketed to the youth of Western society? Steven, UK
I’m from England and we don’t use the word hipster other than to describe low-cut trousers. To my ears it sounds like a lazy, reductive, jealous suburban expression – something a person’s dad might make up. Like there’s something wrong with being fashionable. The term makes no sense anyway because most of the people that would be considered “hipster”–e.g. the citizens of Williamsburg–are not hip. You should ask some old school jazz musicians what the term really means and take it from there.

3. I recently got caught shoplifting a pearl thong, it was horrible. But the worst of it is I was stealing it to look hot for my idiot boyfriend who I don’t even think notices what I wear anyway. Then my gay BFF told me (although I don’t know why I’m listening to him because he doesn’t even like girls) that dudes don’t even care about stuff like lingerie, which makes me feel even more dumb. Should I bother? Kiera, TX
Some guys do care about lingerie and clearly you care about it enough to shop lift it, so my suggestion is dump your boyfriend and find a new one that is into kinky lingerie sex and keep lifting!



19 Replies to “Ask Slutever (AKA Ask No Bra)”

  1. I thought that was you doing a fake barf. Good job there. My friend Emily is in it too. You don't know me but I like your blog. Bye x

  2. "thats just the mechanics of capitalism", ehh… what? Dont use big words, you didnt go to university so you could be a cool little hipster doing nothing in particular just singing in god awful bands and writing poorly etc etc accept it

  3. You have the coolest friends! Where do you meet them all? And how do you have the time to keep track of all your important engagements? You must have like three assistants running around all the time to keep you so fab and famous! You are like "clueless" and "mean girls" all rolled into some hip vegan sushi.

  4. We should have hip vegan sushi at our next dinner party. Maj! Thanks for the idea, Suburban Dad Pants. You sound really creative.

  5. Spot on with the hipster answer. The backlash on the 'hipster backlash' is long overdue. @ SL: 'The mechanics of capitalism' are big words to you? Good luck with the rest of your life.

  6. Two responses!!!!! I feel so hip and chic. Karley, do you think I could be in a bunch of music videos and voice my opinions on the interwebs?

  7. This isn't a hate comment because I absolutely love your blog! However, this post….. was full of hipsterdom. Being a hipster isn't someone that is "fashionable" it's someone who thinks they are being ant-establishment and anti-mainstream when in reality it's all been done before. I'm all for No Bra's expression of self, but the pretentious way she answers the question and the nature of her so called "art" in general is disturbing to people like me who find it to be well… erm BULLSHIT. She isn't doing anything mind blowing or new… she is an art troll, which is so early 20th centuries by the way. So in my opinion…. she is a hipster and an annoying one at that. JUST SAYING!

  8. @person uh yeah that was a hate comment. i mean "so called 'art'"? hater.also Bruce LaBruce, this no bra chick i didn't know before but am now a fan of and that's mykki blanco in the video right? how many badasses can you fit in one entry i mean damn.

  9. Whats with people lately? I'm honestly no into No Bra's music/art but whatevs people like what they like. I did enjoy her advice, and thought her answers were great. And Clueless + Mean Girls isnt really what I would have thought of to compare you to, but its a mix of pure awesome anyway :D

  10. I met a girl on vacation, and we had a great time BUT we didn't have sex. She is quite religious and never had sex. Apparently she wants to marry first. She is 24. However, I pushed as far as I could and she was diggin it and one day she stopped me right before she was having an orgasm. How long can she hold? A female friend told me girls don't have the "urge" as guys do for regular sex. True or bollocks? Also will she hate me if I manage to properly get in her pants? cheers your blog rocks. Matt

  11. bollocks re: the urge. but maybe you can just respect her opinion about the "no sex before marriage"?! or i don't know, talk about it? she'd probably hate herself more after doing it. might be old-fashioned or whatever, but you sound like someone who just wants to get in her pants because of the trophy that you did it.. dude, find another hobby.

  12. I had the pleasure of hanging out/ having a drink with Susanne earlier at one of her shows in Los Angeles. She is one of the nicest musicians I have ever met. She offered us a lift home which I was blown away by. You have made a lifetime fan Ms. Oberbeck.

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