Be Here Nowish: Eps 5-7

More episodes, yay! The characters make their journey to Lolz Angeles! 

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:



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  1. Finally a web series that speaks to all! Be Here Nowish showcases some of the eccentricities of the New Age movement evoking explosive laughter as well as a window on its absurdities. The two main characters, Nina and Sam, have a natural chemistry that is definitely screen worthy. Through this chemistry, they invite viewers to escape for a while into the world of expansive and inclusive sexuality and spirituality. I say no more: don’t want to spoil it. It’s a must see! I’m hooked! Can’t wait for Episode 8, and anticipate the day that this creative comedy appears on TV. Well done, ladies. Bem feito!

    1. That’s weird… we asked our Australian friend to see if she could watch them, and she said she could watch it fine. So strange! Have you tried multiple browsers?


  2. came across your blog after seeing the champagne coast video, and hence this series…these episodes are really great. interesting characters and smartly funny.

    1. This is about as self-aware as it gets (which is its biggest asset and failure also), what planet are you on?

  3. Through seven segments, it’s hard to tell if this is opportunistic imitation (Portlandia in LA? ) or inexperienced writers finding their stride. Lost souls seeking to reinvent themselves in LA is somewhat fresher for ‘progressive’ sexuality and ayuahuasca references. And the appeal of the two protagonists is genuine.
    Yet it seems that the writers have yet to hear what grandma told them during their research into what reinvention truly entails. The promise of seeing more naked girls playing with each other could sustain this long enough for them to actually find the center of their characters humanity they so clearly are capable of satirizing. Without that connection to the universal, these smart girls won’t find the audience with this vehicle.
    Bless them for staying out of the usual tropes.

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