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Be Here Nowish: Ep 1 Free Here :)

December 17, 2015

As people who read this blog remember, the second season of Be Here Nowish (the web series I play a supporting role in and helped write) came out last month. The show is about two sexually progressive women who move to LA in search of a spiritual awakening. It’s super lol, and sweet, and queer, and if you’re into new age culture (or if you like to laugh at new age culture) then I suggest you watch it :) The first ep is free above. The next 5 eps can be rented for a total of $3.99. Look—I know everyone likes free stuff. But $3.99 is the price of a coffee. (Or at least a coffee in New York.) And the money means that the people who worked really hard on this show can at least break even, so thanks :) Oh and p.s. I’m not in ep 1 but I’m in most of the others lol.



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