Blood Orange: Behind the Scenes or Whatever

I know I’m always going on about how amazing my friend Dev, AKA Blood Orange is, but I can’t help it! I’m obsessed! This week I hung out on the set of the video for his upcoming single, “Champagne Coast”. Shot in director Alan Del Rio Ortiz’s Brooklyn apartment, the video features a cast babes, including Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas, Liz Lee from MTV’s My Life as Liz, and ME, DUH. “Champagne Coast” will be the third single from Blood Orange’s debut album, Coastal Grooves. Out on Domino, the record combines early ’80s disco and beautiful eastern melodies to create a blend of lo-fi power pop that’s so darn sexy girls all over Twitter are currently confessing to reaching orgasm simply from listening to the record—no hand and/or electronic assistance necessary!

You may be familiar with Dev from one of his many other endeavors. Before Blood Orange he spent three years making orchestral pop under the moniker Lightspeed Champion. He also works as a producer and songwriter, working with artists like Florence and the Machine, Theophilis London, and Solange Knowles. It’s no wonder he’s got a harem of chicks hanging on him 24/7!!!

Have a listen and decide for yourselves! Pics from the video shoot below!

Champagne Coast by Blood Orange




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  1. karley, you are the video babe this time around !! in the blood orange jacket looking seductively over your shoulder…

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