Brad’s Latest Pee Comic!

Brad gave me another one of his wonderful comic strips after I peed in his mouth last Tuesday. His comics really are getting better and better. I’m so proud of him.

In other Dominatrix news, Mistress Dee recently gave me a lesson in how to use whips and paddles. It was so much fun! It’s actually important to know how to properly use these things, as it can be the difference between a really satisfying and hot session, and a highly unpleasant experience that could potentially cause scarring and irreversible physical harm (#lawsuit). We held the lesson it in her apartment and she invited over one of her slaves to act as our target. He was NINETEEN. I was really surprised and sort of impressed that someone so young would have the confidence (and the money) too seek out sessions with a Domme. He was also a babe–looked sort of like a Greek statue–which was a nice change from the creepy flabby old guys we normally session with. We used his ass for target practice for over an hour, and I’m now vastly knowledgeable on how to use crops, whips and floggers, and the correct way to insert a butt plug. #important

Below is Brad’s latest comic. Now that it’s getting colder and I’ve got some excess mucus behind my face I’ve been blowing my snot onto Brad as well as peeing on him. Fabulous!



7 Replies to “Brad’s Latest Pee Comic!”

  1. note to karley: brads pee comics are not funny. will they stop. waste of time and i never read them. neither do my friends we just skip them. ugh.

  2. he really is getting better at drawing, which is really funny to think about. like i bet he’s not even trying to get better, he’s just been scrawling comics long enough to slowly improve.

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