An Anti-Valentine

Feeling sad and/or anxious about Valentine’s Day? Well this might cheer you up: my new Breathless column for Vogue, published yesterday, is about how V-Day day is a bit traj… and I also wrote about love a bit too, so it’s not all bad :) You can read it HERE! 



4 Replies to “An Anti-Valentine”

  1. ahhhh post more!! I miss you and your hilariously wonderful posts.. I think I check everyday to see if you have uploaded something! Once a week is not good enough haha

  2. Your writing for Vogue is so much better quality – I don’t mean that offensively, just that it must be nice to be working with an editor now. :) Editors are hidden geniuses and such a luxury.

    1. It’s true! It’s great working with smart, talented people. But I also just genuinely spend more time and effort writing the Vogue posts, which I do think results in them being of a better quality… naturally. But at the same time, when I spend more time on each individual post, it obviously means that I post less often, but I’m sort of coming to terms with that. In my late 20s I’m going for quality over quantity :)


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