Breathless: Living a Life Less Ordinary

Choosing a non-conventional life can be very rewarding, but also very disorienting. My new Breathless column for Vogue talks about the advantages and anxieties of living a life less ordinary, and how to chart your progress when you’re someone who draws outside the lines.



21 Replies to “Breathless: Living a Life Less Ordinary”

  1. “Be confident enough to asses your own progress” – I like that.

    Part of me admires that Karley can have a relationship with her mum despite them disagreeing on many things(it would seem), at the same time its totally unfair she cant bring her girlfriend home.

  2. Long time reader here, first time commenter- this post was very timely and exactly what I needed to read tonight. “if it’s not the lighthouse that guides me, then maybe it’s the moon and the stars”… thank you!

  3. I don’t even know how I ended up here. Nevertheless, I felt like saying “Thank you”.
    This article was exactly what I needed, I guess. I admire your honesty, especially
    when it comes to family. All the best to you, I hope you enjoy your unique path for
    at least some 80 more years to come.

  4. That was great! And yes, I agree: if you’re going to cast those lines away, you need to figure out a new navigation system too.

  5. This is my first comment here. Thank you very much for this article. It’s inspiring and encouraging, and I almost teared up a little. Keep doing what you’re doing, I think your blog is fantastic!

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