The Business of Beautification: Considering the Vajacial

What is a vajacial, should you get one, and is your vagina trendy enough? These and others important matters discussed in this week’s Breathless column for Vogue.



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    1. What about male genitalia? If a basic premise of a woman waxing is to present their area in a pleasant, appetizing way, is a guy with a full pubic beard an issue? My girlfriend waxes all of it, and it seems I’ve got enough hair for the both of us.

      1. Mine grows but not really bushy, there are a couple of really obvious bald patches. This is from 7 years of waxing really regularly though, you should be fine if you just let it grow out for a while longer. Good luck with ur pubes x

  1. So now that you’re back to using a razor, what do you use to prevent the whole boiled chicken skin look? (Best description ever btw.)

    1. Actually, I have a super remedy! There is a product called Tend Skin, that’s intended for men after they shave their faces, but you can use it on your vaj/bikini line/etc it’s literally AMAZING and changed my life. I barely get ingrown hairs anymore. (That sounded like a weird informational but I’m being serious.)

  2. Karley,

    How come you interchange vaj, vagina and vulva? I can understand it if you want to use vaj as a synonym for vagina, but the vagina is NOT the vulva. As a man that would be like referring to their penis as their balls. It’s just wrong. The vulva are the external genitalia while the vagina is an internal organ. If you were naked and standing, I could see some of your vulva, but probably none of your vagina. I mean, you wouldn’t say “lick my vag” when you really wanted someone to lick your clit, would you? hmmmm… maybe your would. ;-)

    I know, vag sounds cool and all, and it’s nice to say things like… buy my tee shirt showing my vag, but in fact your tee shirt shows only some of your vulva and none of your vag.

    Yeah, I know, not a big deal in the realm of things… but think about it this way, you have an audience where you get to actually educate people on sexual matters. Don’t you think you should be correct?

    Or are you one of those people who say “I could care less” when you really mean to say “I couldn’t care less”?

    Okay, rant over. I still enjoy your posts (even if you are incorrect in your usage of vag ;-) ). Keep up the good work.


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