This Week in Sex – Aug 13

After a brief hiatus (one week, because sluts need vacations too), we’re back with our weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from Broad City’s line of sex toys (OMG), to something called the “whore-o-scope.” Happy reading!

Some people are putting stickers on their penises in lieu of condoms, because that sounds smart, right?

Elle rounds up some of the worst sex advice Reddit users have received. Turns out people (men) are out there un-consensually peeing into womens’ vaginas after ejaculating in order to “stop pregnancy,” and fingering them with ear-waxy fingers as a DIY STI test. Fucking SHUDDER.

A former sex toy reviewer talks about masturbation.

If you are horoscopically-inclined, your August “whore-o-scope” is here, so that you can fuck the way the stars want you to (did anyone just get Paris Hilton’s musical masterpiece “Stars are Blind” stuck in their heads? Well, now you did).

Fun ruining info: Which STIs & STDs can you actually catch from oral sex? The answer is kind of annoying and not particularly conclusive. Cool!

A queer dominatrix attends Skirt Club, a “lesbian sex party for straight women,” and lives to tell the  (interesting) tale.

The ladies of Broad City dropped a line of sex toys. The only appropriate response is, obviously, YAAASSSS. The only appropriate usage is, obviously, candle-lit masturbation ritual à la Ilana Glazer.

Illustrator Jordyn McGeachin hopes to change perceptions and representations of female masturbation.

This week’s edition of The Guardian’s “My Life in Sex” is written by a woman trying to get pregnant with her husband, who, incidentally, is her 50th sexual partner. Sounds better than 51st, I guess. Good on her for keeping track?

Apparently some old (male) geezers are claiming their (female) partners’ aren’t ‘giving it up’ often enough for their taste, despite the fact that women are less likely to lose their sex drives. The answer, which applies to other, similar situations, might just be: Maybe they’re just not fucking you.



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