50 Shades of Gay

I love TED talks just as much as the next guy. Recently I’ve started putting them on in the background while I’m doing random every-day stuff–like cooking or putting on makeup or reluctantly doing crunches–so that I can learn without actually realizing that I’m learning. It’s a great trick. Above I’ve posted a TED talk I think everyone should see. It was given by the artist iO Tillett Wright earlier this year, and is amazingly titled “50 Shades of Gay.”

IO is someone who grew up between genders and sexualities. She talks about this in her TED presentation, and also goes on to discuss how most people consider themselves to exist somewhere in between the two extremes of sexuality–somewhere in the GREY AREA–which presents a real problem when it comes to discrimination. It’s no news that the United States discriminates against the LGBTQ community, from marriage equality to workplace discrimination and beyond. But if everyone is grey, then where does one draw the discriminating line?

If you remember, last fall I released an episode of the VICE Slutever Show called GREY AREA. It’s about essentially the same idea–“What if I’m not totally gay or straight? Does that mean I’m a freak? No, it just means I’m grey, which is cool because grey looks good on me actually,” etc. I re-posted the vid at the bottom of this blog post in case you didn’t see it the first time around. Or if you just want to re-watch it. Endless lolz!

P.S. In 2010, iO began a project called Self Evident Truths, where she photographs anyone who feels like they fall within the LGBTQ spectrum, from bisexual to transgender. The photos are intended to humanize the very varied faces and shades of gay in America today. You should check it out. Or really just watch the TED vid, because it’s all explained there.


Huff-Post Live: Sluts Have No Friends

Blah blah blah, something insightful, blah blah blah…

Today I had the pleasure of being a guest on Huffington Post Live for the second time, this time to discuss a new study showing that everyone hates sluts, basically. The study came out of Cornell University, and found that women who have had 20 or more sexual partners by their early twenties have a much harder time making friends with other women, even other promiscuous women. Huff-Post wanted to know, “Why are women continually punished, even by each other, for enjoying sex?” On the panel with me were Zhana Vrangalova, a doctoral candidate at Cornell University and author of the study under discussion; Ella Sage, author of imnotyourgirlfriend.com; and Joanna Silber, a student at the University of Essex and the head their feminist organization.

The conversation was really enlightening. You can watch the 20 minute segment HERE!

Be Here Now-ish

My amazing friends Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite are currently in the process of making a comedy web series called BE HERE NOW-ish. The show follows two sexually progressive girls who decide to ditch their down-and-out lives in New York and move to LA in search of a spiritual awakening. And guess what, I have a small part in the show too, playing a new-agey lesbian, yay! The project is amazing so far, and they’ve just launched a Kickstarter in order to raise funds to finish filming their sexy/lolz/queer masterpiece. Above is their Kickstarter video, which includes the show’s trailer!

Here’s what Alexandra and Natalia have to say about their series: “We wanted to create a show that openly, without judgement or taboo, shows the absurdity and depth of the exploration of sexuality and spirituality, and how these things are changing for our generation. In a sea of media that comments on our generation’s pitfalls and strengths, we feel there is nothing that accurately depicts the world we live in … a world where managing to survive/pay bills/pay for $15 cheeseburgers and $10 kale juices on weirdo freelance schedules is “normal,” while juggling magic and meditation groups and dance parties till 3 AM.  Where dating is more complex than trigonometry and commitment is scarce. Where people choose their personal pronouns, girls look like boys, boys look like girls, sexuality is fluid, sex is complicated, and laughter is abundant.”

Sounds good to me.

Huff-Post Live: Pop Stars and Promiscuity

I was a guest on Huffington Post Live yesterday in a discussion on pop stars and how promiscuity is viewed in the modern world. Also in the discussion was Rich Juzwiak from Gawker, psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Tiger Howard Devore, lecturer in psychology at Brunel University, Michael Price, and writer Sierra Black. I didn’t manage to say anything too life changing during the 20 minute convo (although I did manage to say the word “casual” like 900 times somehow–uugghhh), but if you want to watch the segment you can do so HERE :)

How Not to Orgasm

Here’s a little instructional video for all of you sexually active people out there. The video was made by my friend, the lovely comedian Scott Rogowsky. I’m in it too. See if you can spot me.

Also: If you’re into laughing and happiness and awkward Jewish nerds (who isn’t?), then you should definitely go see Running Late with Scott Rogowsky–the live, late-night talk show that Scott hosts every other week at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. I’ve been a guest on it TWICE (nbd), and he’s also had some other OK-ish guests on the show too, like Rachel Dratch, David Cross and Amber Tamblyn, Jim Gaffigan, BIG ANG, etc. This Thurs, April 25th, the show will feature Carla from Mob Wives, author Sam Lipsyte, and Jake & Amir from College Humor. Be there or be square!

Lick It

My friend, the filmmaker Alexa Karolinski, recently asked me to be in a short film she wanted to make, that would loosely explore the idea of food porn, and would involve me eating from a menu of orange and yellow foods. I said yes, despite the fact that the oracle Sophia Lamar once told me that it’s unglamorous to be seen chewing in public. You can watch the result above.

In other news, Alex recently released her first feature documentary, Oma and Bella. The film is an intimate portrait of Alexa’s grandmother and her best friend Bella, both of whom are Holocaust survivors living in Berlin. The film talk about their epic life stories, as well as their love of cooking amazing Jewish food.

AND, along with the movie Alexa released an Oma and Bella cookbook, including all of her grandmother’s great Jewish recipes. The recipes are written in both English and German, and the book is full of cute photos and illustrations. I gave a copy to my dad for Christmas, and was literally stunned when my deeply Italian father starting casually making matzah ball soup.




A lot of cool kidz in downtown NYC are making internet art these days. Internet art is very #relevant. Think 90s, think warehouse raves, think platforms, think neon dolphins, think ying-yangs, think marble cell phone covers, think My So Called Life, think sea punk, think dip-dye, think gifs, think crop tops, think reversible jackets, think mp3s, think transsexual rappers, think inverted crosses, think hashtags, think those creepy contacts that have a smiley face in them, etc. THIS IS WHAT’S INSPIRING THE KIDS THESE DAYS.

I wanted to be a member of the cool kids club so I decided to make some of my own sexual/self-obsessed/relevant internet artwork. I made these with LESSA MILLET. If you can’t tell these are gifs of segments of the Valentine’s video Lessa directed, which I posted lasted week. You should Tumble these because they are very Tumblr friendly. I put them on My Tumblr already, so feel free to re-blog that shit yo #InternetForever.

Pre-Valentines with Slutever at the Spectacle Theater!

Guess what? I’m hosting a pre-Valentines Day film night at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg. Yay! I’ll be showing a collection of classic erotic shorts, stag films, some of my fave sex scenes from movies, some random arty sexy stuff, and I’ll also be debuting an alluring new video I made for Purple magazine. And all of this will only cost you $5! And the theater sells cheap beer too. BARGAIN! The date is Wednesday, February 13th. Showtimes at 8pm and 10pm. Put it in your iCal yo! Oh and don’t worry, we won’t be showing any actual porn or anything “too sexy.” That would be #awkward.

If you’re not familiar with the Spectacle Theater, it’s an incredible little indie cinema on the southside of Williamsburg that plays everything from old classics to offbeat gems to weird art movies that you’d never see anywhere else. Total hidden treasure!  Can’t wait to see you there! xoxo

p.s. Thanks to Greg Eggebeen for helping to organize the night and for making the incredible video you see above.