Dating 101: Tavi Gevinson

Why She Knows: The popular girls in high school get all the boys. They’re like the ultimate archetype of social/sexual power. However, the world of high school is not what it used to be. No one cares about cheerleaders or big tits anymore; what matters is who has the most popular Youtube channel, or the most followers on Twitter. Tavi is the 14 year old author of the fashion blog Style Rookie, which has hundreds of thousands of readers. Realistically, Tavi is probably still not high school cool, even by today’s standards. However she’s tricked the system by getting herself into the pages of Vogue and every other fashion magazine on earth starting at the age of 12, thereby rising above the standard system of coolness that pervades the high school halls. And to be honest it doesn’t really matter to me whether she knows anything about dating/boys or not, because I value her general opinion more than most others in this world. (Said in whisper: I love you Tavi…)

So what do boys like?
Why are you asking me? I’m 14! I haven’t “dated” anyone since the seventh grade! I don’t really know why you even thought I would have any wisdom nuggets to offer in this interview, but it’s fun!

Tavi, you’re not helping. OK, if I really like someone but I want to give off the impression of being cool and aloof, how long should I wait to reply to their texts?
I think it makes the most sense to text them right away, because otherwise they don’t know that you like them and think you’re just continuing on the conversation. And if they’re not playing along then you say TTYL or whatever.

What’s one quality all girls should look for in a guy?
Personally, I wouldn’t date a guy who isn’t a feminist. Why date someone who doesn’t think of us as equals? However it’s almost impossible since the only male feminists I’ve met in high school are either a) gay, or b) overbearing, olive-colored-clothed wise guys who are too proud of their stance on communism. In case you didn’t already pick up on this, I am not exactly a reader’s choice among the dudes. I was a horribly awkward 7th grader and fear that I haven’t changed.

Does dressing too sexy give off the wrong impression?
Girls should wear whatever they want. And if it gives off a “wrong impression” and a guy judges her for it, then they’re not supposed to go out. It’s like natural selection.

Is it OK to date someone who dresses badly?

I recently made my crush a mixtape of love songs complete with an accompanying letter explaining why each song reminds me of him/us. Should I give it to him or is that TM?
Yes! I wish mixtapes and cute little notes weren’t so obsolete! Facebook chat is so unromantic and dorky. I want someone at my school to bring back mixtapes. Damn.

Being “in a relationship” on Facebook: good idea or bad idea?
Bad idea if it’s too soon, good idea if the two are agreed on their circumstances.

What are the rules about dating a friend’s ex?
Don’t do it! What did we learn from the Aaron Samuels fiasco?

I love Mean Girls. Tavi, you are so wise. And lastly, what’s the best way to break up with someone?
Bake them a cake that says IT’S OVER and cover it with Justin Bieber Silly Bandz or make them a necklace with those letter beads and plastic hearts that says MY HEART BELONGS TO GUCCI MANE and they’ll get the idea.



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