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Why She Knows: During a recent trip to Barnes and Noble, I somehow got lost and ended up in the self-help section. While there I stumbled across a flirty little book called The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, by Katherine Cahoon. I flipped open to a random page and the first sentence I read was (in bold, enlarged print), “Male hikers can not resist the hair flip!” I thought, this is a girl who knows what she’s talking about! The book is basically a dating guide aimed at socially unaware American girls, full of sentences that don’t really mean anything in particular, but are super fun to read, like, “Always be sure to have your spunk shining through and your guy-attracting glow on.” Katherine also posts instructional videos on youtube full of “hot man meeting tips”. In this vid she teaches us how to win the hearts of “artsy European men” at the Edinburgh Festival. Take notes bitches!

How do I meet people who could potentially want to be inside me?
Katherine: A great tip for meeting men is, avoid prowling in packs. Most men don’t want to tackle a gang of girls to meet their prime prospect. Ladies, I know you are hungry for grade-A males, but don’t act like wolves on the hunt! Traveling in a pack is the wrong approach.

How soon to too soon to talk about feelings?
When a girl becomes too open with a guy too fast, it can make him feel like her psychiatrist. No one wants to feel that way unless that person has a degree and is being paid! In the beginning of a relationship, it’s best to keep conversation light and focus on getting to know one another.   

What’s one thing a girl should never do at the start of a relationship?
Guys don’t like hearing a girl talk about her exes. It makes them feel like they’re being compared with every other man in the woman’s life. Still, sometimes curiosity overcomes them and they ask. When this happens, it often works to tell the guy you want to focus on getting to know each other.

According to Cher from Clueless, “Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.” True or false?
I don’t think women have to show skin to attract men, but it works. In my book, I describe a friend who I call the “Sexcapader” because her goal was to get laid in every European country she visited at a unique cultural landmark. When looking for male targets, she wore very revealing outfits, complete with push-up bras. Around her professors, however, the revealing outfits and push-up bras stayed in her closet. Basically, you should wear what fits the situation.     

Your friend, huh? Interesting. So is it a bad idea to fuck someone the minute you meet them?
There are exceptions to the rule, but even today many guys like the chase. They don’t want to feel like girls are handing them their hearts, or more like their bodies, on platters. I have a girlfriend who is into random play, but she doesn’t advertise this on her Facebook page for a reason! I also have heard my guy friends say that when they ask a girl how many men she has slept with, they double the number in their heads and hope it isn’t too high. They want to be new and exciting to a girl, not just one of the many slabs hanging in her meat market.



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  1. I flipped open to a random page and the first sentence I read was (in bold, enlarged print), “Male hikers can not resist the hair flip!” I thought, this is a girl who does not have a tight grasp on English grammar!

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