Dating 101: A Stripper

Why She Knows: Julieta has worked as a stripper in London for 8 years. Men and women regularly pay huge amounts of cash just to be near her and watch her take her clothes off, which makes me think she must have at least a fraction of a clue what turns people on. When she’s not working the pole Julieta works as a yoga teacher, a DJ, and an events organizer. Stripping funded her her way through college, and paid for her to start her own business, AKA she’s good at being naked.

How do I make a boy get a boner?
Doing a striptease or wearing sexy clothing really makes a guy hot. The key to a good striptease is to emphasize your best body parts! Play music that makes you feel sexy and wear something easy to take off, for example something that will slide down your body when you undo the zip/button. Always keep eye contact, and remember that slow moves work better. You can use a chair if you’re more adventurous, but the best basic move is like a figure of eight of the hips and shoulders, while slowly removing  your clothes, switching from front view to back view.

When dating someone, when is a good time to initiate sexy texting, and how is it done?
At the beginning it’s best to let the guy take the first steps. But after that definitely go for it, it can fire up encounters so much! Some lines that have worked for me are, ‘I’m so hot I can’t wait to see you’ and ‘Thinking about last night… my body calls for it all over again.’ Or my favorite to send before a date is, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear tonight, and I’m bringing some chocolate to accompany this desert.’
Is sleeping with someone on the first date a bad idea if you want to be thought of as more than just a random ho?
I don’t think so. Sexual chemistry is one of the most important things in a relationship, and if you feel driven to have sex with someone on the first date then you have already found a point in favour of this person.

Do you think there is truth in the stereotype that men are more sexual than women?
I don’t think so, no. I am a very sexual girl and don’t see myself as any different than men at all. I wonder if the stereotype of girls not being that sexual has to do more with confidence, or with the lack of sexual exploration, or even the fact that women just don’t talk about it as much…

Has internet porn destroyed our ability to gauge what a normal sex life is?
Normal? Who and what is normal? I think good porn is good for inspiration, just like a good film, book, or album.



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