Dating 101: Christopher Owens

All images by Hedi Slimane for VMAN

Christopher Owens is so hot I want to puke. I interviewed him about his band Girls for VMAN last month, and after I got done asking all the required muso questions I proceeded to quiz his Godlike brain about sex, dating and love, AKA the important stuff. Duh!

If you’re familiar with Girls, then you’re probably familiar with Christopher’s peculiar story: Born into the extremest religious cult The Children of God, he spent the first 16 years of his life traveling the globe en masse, shut off almost completely from the outside world. The children raised inside the cult were not exposed to any literature, music or art that was not produced within the group itself, the idea being too raise a generation of kids unspoiled by the outside world, AKA perfect little Children of God.

Aside from writing the sweetest, sunniest, lovey-est, catchiest songs ever, Christopher’s public openness about his past, as well as topics like drug use and his proclaimed sexual fluidity, make him, in my eyes, a total hero. I mean, cum on… a hot, young male musician who talks openly about being into both girls and boys, and struts around in crop tops?? I literally just came typing that sentence!

In your opinion, is everyone a little bit gay?
Christopher Owens: I think most people, if they were really honest with themselves, would be a little but gay, yeah. You have to allow yourself to be open to any and all feelings, ideas, emotions… Some of the most masculine guys I’ve ever met are gay–men who are just obsessed with the male physique and what a man is. These are very typical gay feelings.

I read in an interview you said, “I think there’s a masculinity in defying the social description of masculinity,” and cited people like David Bowie. Is that something you aim to do, defy gender standards?
I think it’s fun to play with society’s perceptions of masculinity. I think it’s funny and neat and fun. I like it when other people seem confused by it; I get a kick out of it. Some of the most macho and sexual rock n’ roll stars that have ever lived–people like Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, all the hair metal bands–were all very girly and effeminate, and weren’t afraid to explore their feminine sides. But you know, I bet a lot of them were totally homophobic, and they were wearing way more makeup than I do, and were way more girly than I am.

So you’re girly?
Yeah, I’m a bit feminine.

But you like girls, mainly?
Yeah. Some people talk about being born gay, but it wasn’t that way for me. I’ve always been very attracted to girls and I have a girlfriend now, and I love girls a lot. I get obsessed with movie star girls. That being said, I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have had very close, dynamic relationships with guys, and it’s opened my mind, and through those relationships I feel like I’ve learned something new about myself, about what having a full life really means, and about what love is.

Love changes everything.
Right. Like I think my strongest relationship in my whole life has been with a guy called Stanley Marsh. And even though it’s not sexual, it’s just as sentimental. Like I care about him more than anyone. When you care about someone, there are things that go beyond sexuality.

Also, off topic, but did you know Tavi is a massive fan of yours? SO COOL.
Yeah, I’m aware and I’m very happy about it. She has a GIRLS patch on the back of one her jackets, and it’s one of the cutest thing in the world. She also put stills from our first video, “Lust for Life” on her blog, and sometimes she just mentions that’s she’s listening to our songs. I’ve been following her for about three years.



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  1. OH MY GOD!

    I LOVE that song lust for life, I randomly found it once like a year or two ago and totally lived for it for like ever, still do. AND I JUST READ 90% OF THAT ARTICLE WITHOUT REALISING THE CONNECTION!!!!!

  2. Aaaah Karley, I have the hugest crush on Christopher Owens. When I saw this post, my heart leapt. And it sank when I read that he has a girlfriend. Even though I already knew that he has a girlfriend. Fuck, I love him so much!

  3. these pictures are all very brett anderson. i think for every image here, there’s an exact replica somewhere with brett.

    nice. this generation needs a brett anderson

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