Dating 101: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell is one of the 20 cover stars for this month’s 20th anniversary issue of Dazed and Confused. I interviewed him about the future of music and his career or whatever, but as the conversation progressed we ended up talking about sex, fetish and losing your virginity (obviously), and I even got the chance to ask him some dating tips. Below is an edited version of the interview that appeared in the mag, with most of the music stuff taken out and all of the sex stuff added in :)

Why he knows: Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him, AKA he’s smooth as fuck.

Dazed launched in 1991, when you were 18. What were you like then?
I didn’t really have a plan, unfortunately. I didn’t go to university so I was living with my mom and dad. In my mind I was still 14, staying up until 3am, eating breakfast cereal and watching cartoons. I was living in a teenage dreamland! The only things that mattered to me were girls, Tribe Called Quest, toe socks, Ren and Stimpy, girls, Nirvana, condoms, girls…

Girls, huh? Do you have a type?
Well, I lost my virginity when I was 16. She was older–of course–and age has been a fetish of mine ever since. When I was 25 I used to hang out with women who were 35, 40. Funnily enough, the were the ones who talked to me and taught me how to treat women, and how and to really think about my life and my future. I’m thankful for them; they were my mentors at the same time. I like powerful women, women with some life experience, and I’m very attracted to intelligence.

What’s the oldest woman you’ve slept with?
I’m not telling you that.

OK, fine. So, what qualities do you think make a person sexy?
The will to share emotion. I love it when girls really open up.

Yeah, but when you start dating someone, it’s bad to talk about feelings too early, right?
No it’s not! It’s all manageable, and it’s all about communication. If someone is really going for it, or if they say “I love you” too early, you just have to tell them that. You say, “Look, that’s super sweet but it’s early as fuck.” Just laugh it off man. Introduce some humor into the equation and everything will be alright. The main thing you have to do in a relationship is just be honest. The truth may hurt the other person at the time, but they will respect you for it later. A relationship is nothing without a best friendship first.

So you’re an honest boyfriend? In your opinion, is it a good or a bad idea to play games?
No games! That’s a major turn off. A girl who plays games makes me run the other way, because I’m like, “OK, this chick is crazy. She says one thing but then she means another, and then out of nowhere she hits me with this avalanche of emotions.” Just keep it honest, fun and light. You’ll save yourself a lot of time that way.

That’s true I guess.
Why are you asking me all of this? What’s going on? You sounds like you’re going through some guy shit right now.

LOL. Not any more than normal.  But it’s always a good idea to glean dating advice from strangers. Especially when they’re a celebrities.
And by the way, if a guy doesn’t really like you for who you really are, without the games, then you’re saving yourself a lot of time. Do you want to put four or five years into a relationship just to figure out you can’t stand him? Why do that? If he can’t deal with the real you, tell him to hit the road.

Good advice Pharrell. So how do you stay looking so young and fresh? Because TBH you’re getting kind of old now.
Thanks. Uh… I used to jog, but I haven’t jogged in over two years. But I take good care of my face. Naomi Campbell used to tell me that all the time, she’d say, [insert questionable British accent] “Pharrell, you’ve got to take care of your skin!” She introduced me to all the different cleansers and special brands that I should be using. If you want to look a certain way, you’ve got to take care of yourself, ya know? You can’t just be using Ivory Soap on your face.

Who is an example of a woman who dresses sexy?
Kate Moss. Her style is just so natural; she doesn’t even have to try. And I’m sorry, I have to say it, I really like Victoria Beckham’s style too. She’s just so sharp, she doesn’t miss a beat. Kate is more ‘hopping out of a cab, running through Dover St Market, looking amazing on a Wednesday afternoon’ kind of style, whereas Victoria’s style is a little more thought through, but she’s really good at what she does.

And lastly, what is your opinion on the current state music industry?
I love where the music industry is right now, and that the economics of it have changed. As much as people complain about the landscape of America, both politically and economically, if you look back at history, every time there was a recession, or a war, music was incredible. And it brought people together. When the word is fucked up is when artists matter the most, because we need a good song, or a good MOMA visit, to lift our spirits, and to remind ourselves that humans can more than just shoot, kill and overdose.

Oh Pharrell, you’re so wise. If only I was older…



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  1. What cleansers and special brands do you use, Pharrell?! After reading this interview, I feel incredibly disillusioned that the video with Pharrell and Snoop Dogg swooning over young Brazilian booty was a lie.

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