Dating in the ~New Age~

My new Breathless column for Vogue weighs in on dating in the “new age,” and what to do when you find out the person you’re sleeping with has crystals on their bedside table. I interviewed Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite–the creators of Be Here Nowish, the new comedy web series about new age culture–for the article. Also, Be Here Nowish (which I play a part in, as I’ve mentioned on here a couple times) just began airing! There’s a link to the episodes in the Vogue article :)



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  1. OMG I’m so dumb! I just added the link. You’d think I would know how to use the internet by now :/

  2. You may have read this already but it’s an article on Brooke Candy’s new video, Opulance It’s so interesting and this post reminded me of a quote from it: “we live in Sagan’s Demon-Haunted World, in which reason has made no headway against superstition, cultural creatives often flock to sentimentalized forms of Buddhism or New Age-ism (which is really Christianity with crystals), and intelligent proponents of science-religion fusion, who might be our best hope of evolving toward a truly new “paradigm,” are either kept in obscurity (like Ken Wilber) or are goofy as fuck (like Deepak Chopra).”
    Many ppl may consider me ‘new-age’ because I try to be inspirational in my posts, art and when teaching yoga – but Weedeater is my favorite band and I don’t meditate often either. I’m the only teacher who doesn’t wear normal work-out-yogi clothing and usually don’t participate in their “light/love/we’re amazing and life is awesome” banter. New-agers always talk about ‘balance’ but then are completely over-positive and throw criticism out the door – our very tool for survival in many ways. Also, there are huge egos in most yoga communities, esp from those with the biggest following, which leads to even more ego. Distancing myself from those competitive aspects and expectations is my personal practice and meditation – even if that means I get less students/money – esp when I feel the “trendiness” of it, which is usually paired with no acceptance towards negativity. Fortunately, some astrology and buddhist teachings talk about these concepts so it can bridge the gap in understanding for some new-agers and include more diversity of thinking within that group. It’s almost as if I like teaching yoga and meditation bc I don’t even do it much myself and I want them to get a different outlook on the whole thing – from someone looking in. I think it’s healthy. Not that I tell them past lives are bullshit but when they start talking about that I wrap the convo up, lol.

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