Dating w/ Case Case and V-files

I gave some/minimal/questionable/conceptual dating advice on a V magazine web show, hosted by Casey Jane Ellison (aka Case Case). You can watch it above. (Don’t judge me?)



9 Replies to “Dating w/ Case Case and V-files”

  1. That was great. You should make some videos with similar vibe to “High Fashion Exercise”; that vid was groundbreaking.

  2. I just started reading your blog and noticed quite a few posts on anal sex.. Question: Have you ever gotten little ‘tears’ on your butthole because of it?? was experimenting with bf and think I have one.. it’s not fun :(

    1. you need to use a LOT of lube, like so much that it’s messy. you’re asshole is probably really tense to begin with, you should get your bf to digitally penetrate your ass to help relax the muscles a bit.

      wait until the tears heal before doing more sex stuff with your ass.

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