Ask Slutever: Bra and Dick Issues

Do women prefer a circumcised dick? And is it possible to have big boobs and wear a bra that doesn’t look orthopedic? Slutever investigates… by Karley Sciortino

1. I’ve long wondered: do women who have experienced both a circumcised and uncircumcised penis prefer a circumcised penis? It seems to me that women prefer circumcised, but, due to the social norm of repression of female sexuality, they’re uncomfortable vocalizing this preference. And, lastly, what is your preference? Stan

I doubt most women care, honestly. I think depending on where you grow up you might become more used to one or the other—for instance, in America most guys are circumcised, so for the first years that I was sexually active I only saw and interacted with guys who didn’t have foreskin, so I got used to that. I knew what I was working with, so to speak. Then after high school I moved to London, where the vast majority of guys are uncircumcised. At first I was thrown off by it. I was like, “Why are British dicks all wearing jackets?” This, of course, is a testament to how bad sex-ed is in America. I wasn’t even aware that keeping the foreskin was a thing, and I had no idea what a penis with foreskin would look or feel like.

At this point, I don’t mind either way. Although, there are definitely some perks to being uncircumcised, for instance the mobility of the foreskin makes it way easier to jerk someone off. Without foreskin, you’re constantly spitting in your hand. I don’t necessarily mind that—I find spitting in sex pretty hot—but it’s definitely easier to jerk off an uncircumcised guy. I would say, as long as you’re confident with what you have, girls are just happy to get the D.

2. Hi! I’m a 17-year-old with 32DDD boobs, and the only bras I can find in my size make me look like a 40-year-old with 10 kids. Not cute. I was wondering if you knew of any place that sells bras in my size that are at least semi-attractive? Sally

Lol, we wear the same size bra. Believe me, I understand your struggle. For most of my 20s I wore giant, beige, orthopedic-looking bras with straps that were like 2 inches thick. Tragic. Either that, or I’d be like fuck it and buy a cute lacey bra, but it wouldn’t have enough support and so my boobs would looks like shapeless, drooping pendulums under my shirts. And Victoria’s Secret is bullshit for big tits and don’t carry sizes over DD.

Tragically, I only really sorted out this problem about a year ago, which is super late. But now I wear bras by Chantelle, which is a brand that makes specialty bras for large breasts that are not heinous. They are kinda pricey, like around $75, but I really think they’re worth it because they’re really good quality and last a long time. I’ve had 2 Chantelle bras on rotation for a year and they’re holding up well. You should try to find a store that sells them so that you can try them on and work out what style you like. I got mine at Bloomingdales but I think they probably have them at Macy’s and places like that. Or obvs you can buy them online. Also, Wacoal is another bra line that’s for big boobs. I never thought I’d find a strapless bra that would actually work for me, but I ended up finding a Wacoal one that I’ve had for about a year as well. It’s also around $80, if I’m remembering correctly. But I mean, it’s your tits—they are important, obvi. And you wear a bra every day. If you’re going to splurge on a high quality thing, it might as well be your bra.




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