Drunk Kissing

We got drunk and made these experimental conceptual art films. They’re partially based on Andy Warhol’s film “Kiss,” except our films are more “now.”



22 Replies to “Drunk Kissing”

  1. I’m a little disturbed that you two look so alike. If I had to analyze this, I’d think Karley was a major narcissist. I’ll even dare say that’s why some homosexuals are homosexuals: making love with a copy of themselves. So I’ve seen Karley suck a cock, now I’m interested in how she eats the pussy. Are we gonna get that in the future? You’re my kind of exhibitionist. Keep up the good work.

    1. EastFist, i’m a homo and don’t fuck people who look anything like me, that’s such a weird statement to make. Plus, EVERYONE knows that heteros are just fucking people who look like themselves really.

      1. I said “some”. It’s just my personal observation. I see butch with butch, lipsticks with lipsticks, etc., etc. It’s just that in this particular case, I notice Karley making out with “herself” like it’s some kind of mirrored drug-induced hallucination, so I mentioned it.

    1. LOL. No I said, “Let’s watch it.” But that just made me laugh so hard, I cracked my revitalizing face mask.

  2. I was thinking ‘Wow, some girls actually like guys who are as skinny as me. I feel much better about myself’. Then I realized you are were kissing a girl, fml.

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