Facebook RIP

Hey! I just wanted to say that my Facebook was randomly deleted the other day (am I dead?), so if we were in the middle of a life changing FB message conversation (likely), or if you were waiting for a reply from me about something, or if you just want to get in touch with me for another random reason (like if you want to send me a list of your 16-year-old boyfriend’s physical and emotional attributes and have me predict whether or not he’s gay–get a lot of those), then you can email me here: Karleysciortino@gmail.com. Also, if you were enjoying getting my blog updates through my FB, and don’t think you’ll be able to sustain life without them, I do the same thing through my Twitter!

P.S. In just three days of being Facebookless it’s already apparent that I was spending way more time on FB that I ever realized. I litteraly feel like 3 hours has been added to ever day. Weird! (Sad?)



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  1. wait, actually DELETED? not just deactivated? Proper deleted?! man I've been wanting to get deleted off (not deactivated) facebook for ages, how do I make it happen?

  2. Yeah they do that when you get too popular, you end up getting hacked and used as a spam-bot and instead of shutting down the hackers they just 'neutralise' you, Mubarak-style – I've had them reactivate me twice. Email them, telling them how important FB is for you to whore your work as a respected journalist, and offer them a wristie. Usually works.

  3. THIS ARTICLE IS AWESOME!contact me about faeries. Lets go late-summer…have 2 go to London on 27th.LUV YA BABES X

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