Fading Gigolo: Chatting with John Turturro

John Turturro’s new movie, Fading Gigolo, stars him as a hooker and Woody Allen as his pimp. The movie is really sweet, and sends what I think is a great message about sex work. I recently interviewed Turturro for The Guardian, and we had an interesting discussion about selling sex that you can read by clicking HERE.

P.S. Sorry my blog has mainly become just a bunch of links to read my stuff other places, but a girl’s gotta make some $$$!



2 Replies to “Fading Gigolo: Chatting with John Turturro”

  1. i think these days no one has the attention span to actually read shit. i should speak for myself. i do not have the attention span to read this or even watch this movie, it did not entertain me till the end. please address this: the fact that there is so much god damn information out there that all i want to do is crawl into my bed and meditate and try to reach some bliss inside myself vs seeking it elsewhere.

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