Hungover Sunday Cure: 3 Sermons from Fran Lebowitz

Three videos of the god that is Fran Lebowitz spilling her wisdom on being gay, having kids (or not), and making art that will surely cure your hangover.

I recently fell far down the Fran Lebowitz internet rabbit hole. While I’ve been a fan of the writer, humorist and all around enlightened being that is Ms. Lebowitz for a long time, it was only a few days ago that I finally watched the 2010 documentary about her, Public Speaking, directed by Martin Scorsese. After that I spent multiple days watching every video I could find of her saying or doing anything (she mostly just criticizes things, which I love, because I appreciate anyone who enables my naturally judgmental personality). Below are a few of my favorites. xoxo Karley Sciortino

Fran on being gay…

Fran on having kids…

Her speech at the 2009 Planned Parenthood Empower Luncheon was mainly about planning to avoid parenthood. Classic ;)

And if you like those, here’s the Scorsese doc, Public Speaking, in full!

Believe me, if will make your life better. Especially if you are a writer! She talks about writing (and not writing) a lot.



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