Friends I’ll Never Meet: Jey Cristfar

I recently mentioned my current infatuation with Jey Crisfar, the hot zombie from Bruce LaBruce’s 2008 gay horror movie Otto; or, Up With Dead People. Jey was called in to audition for the movie after the director found him on Myspace. I saw Otto for the first time a couple years ago, and since then I must have cum a hundred times to the image of Jey’s bloody, disheveled corpse. When I messaged him asking for an interview, he also said he didn’t understand why I would want to talk with him, claiming that his life isn’t any more interesting than the average 22 year old, and that at the moment he’s just a nobody like everyone else. I replied: perfect.
Jey is from Belgium, and currently lives in Brussels

You starred in Otto when you were just 18.  What did your parents think about you being in the film, and having gay sex on camera?
Jey: My parents reacting badly, but I guess that is kind of the point of them being my parents. Parents aren’t there to understand what you’re doing, and it’s pointless to lose time trying to make them understand. That’s what I’m learning at the moment. My father was never happy that I’m a homo, or an “artist.” When I decided at the age of 18 to go to Berlin to shoot Otto, he just freaked out. But it didn’t prevent me from doing it.

What are your thoughts on fame? Is it something you think about? Something you want?
Fame is something everybody thinks about—it’s 2010. That’s what we’re all looking for at some point, on different levels. I got cast in Otto through Myspace, I would be lying if I said it never passed my mind. But fame wasn’t exactly it—I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to let others know that I was there. Growing up, people at school didn’t have special interest in me, and at home I didn’t get much attention. This isn’t an issue anymore—now everything I care about is to have enough money to live properly and to be doing what I feel like doing, whatever that is.

Do you have any creepy internet obsessions?
I’m obsessed with the fantasy of meeting guys over the internet. I spend a lot of time online checking out guys, but I never meet any of them because it’s hard to find somebody between 1m79 and 1m83, that’s both muscular and slim, clever and interesting, wears nice clothes, is really sexy and with a face that says eat me.

Do you have an internet crush on anyone specific?
I’ll admit something: for some time I was probably was Googling Brett Lloyd several times a day, everyday. Also because I liked his photography.

I’ve gotten to that point. It’s weird to think that people have obsessively Googled you too though, ya know?
Weird yeah, but I like it.

What’s your default thing to jerk-off to?
To be bareback fucked by a troop of hung guys in a garage. I don’t do sex parties, I find it gross. This is something I like to keep as a fantasy.

Weird, that’s mine too! I always fantasize about being fucked by like a million guys at once. The reality of it might be a bit tiring though. So, how did you lose your virginity?
I lost my virginity with some random Turkish guy in his 20s. I was almost seventeen, and the idea of fucking with a guy was there for so long, I just had to do it. I met him over the internet. At that time I was living in La Louvière, where nothing happens and homos are still scared to be living their sexuality openly. I had no interest in him, but it felt like he was the only person that really wanted me.

Have you ever been in love?
Love. Hmm… I don’t know? At some point in my life it felt like I was, truly, but once the love affair passed away, nothing stayed. It was like if nothing actually happened. It’s like that every time.

Are you religious?
I’m not religious. I’m very much against this machinery.

What is your most memorable drug experience?
It was when I was in Berlin shooting Otto. The weather was great, I decided with a girl friend I made there to party, and we took great X for 3 days. I had sex with her after two days, and it felt like the greatest experience.

Sleeping with girls huh? Noted. So, in your email you said you’re moving to Mexico City soon. What for?
At the moment nothing has been planned. Everything I know is that I’ll be visiting my Mexican friend that is a film director, and that we have the intention of working once I get there. He’s written some scripts, but I haven’t read any of them. That’s kind of how I like to live—not knowing how or why, but doing it anyway.



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  1. Stop posting about these dudes nobody cares about and start talking about having drug sex with people in your shitty tenementsoh and post yr tits.

  2. Finally, an interview with Jey Crisfar, although I am shocked when he mentioned about having had sex with a girl. Can drugs really cause a gay guy to do something like that — or maybe he's bi!? Anyway, thanks Karley for asking Jey to do the interview. We would not have known anything about him if not for your initiative.

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