All artwork @ Manuel Solano

Manuel Solano is a 23 year old artist from Mexico City. He makes creepy fan art and videos of himself putting stuff up his ass, which are gross but also cool. The first artwork I saw by Manuel was a fan drawing of the band Salem, where the two guy members are having butt sex [above]. I was both disturbed and aroused. Later I discovered that a piece of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan art Manuel made ended up in the band’s album artwork for Show Your Bones. I’m now an avid follower of his blog, even though looking at it always makes me really sweaty and uncomfortable.


I love your Salem drawing, it freaks me out! What’s the story behind it?
I had read an interview in Butt magazine in which John said he wanted Jack to fuck him, but Jack didn’t. Or something like that. And that their songs are more “rape songs” than love songs. I was obsessed with their song Skullcrush, and one day while listening to it the image of Jack raping John’s corpse and crushing his face against the snow just came into my mind. I think Jack looks so cute while doing it : )

Agreed. What did the band think?
When I added John on Facebook (after months of searching for him!) he had the drawing amongst his pictures with a caption like, “lol sum1 mek dis inna blog.” So I told him I’d made it and he said, “Oh, I like it. It’s cool.” Later he asked me to make one of Jack masturbating and one of himself masturbating.


I know I say this all the time, but I’m really into the idea of being a fan. What do you enjoy about making fan art?

I like that I can create something naive and (as it’s often though of) uncool, and at the same time reach out to the people I admire. Making this “contact” with my idols gives me a huge rush of excitement. Some people consider it not cool to be a big fan, but I don’t care. 

What do you think about when you jerk off?
I find it hard to jerk off to anyone I haven’t actually met. I usually start off watching amateur porn and then finish jerking off to a blurred mix of fantasies of me with several guys I know personally and that I wish to or have already fucked. I don’t jerk off to my boyfriend, I guess because I can have the real thing with him.

Weirdly, the way I can tell if I really like someone is if I continue to masturbate to them even after we’ve fucked. How did you lose your virginity?
I used to suck my friends’ dicks when I was a little boy. Does that count? Later, when I was like 13, I started having webcam sex with men in chatrooms, or jerking off for them via webcam. When I turned 18 and finally realized that having sex with someone “out of love” was not going to happen soon, I decided to meet up with this guy I knew from a chatroom and suck his cock. I didn’t like the smell of it. I wasn’t fucked in the ass until much later, by another guy I met online who I had a HUGE crush on. He didn’t use lube, nor did he spit on my ass. Painful! So, I guess losing my virginity was more of a process than a single event.


Seriously, like 90% of the gay guys I know lost their virginity to someone they met online. You guys are like SO 2010! Who are your creepy internet obsessions?
I sort of stalk Terence Koh. I’ve also been stalking my roommate online, to look at his pics. I don’t stalk him physically though, like, in the house. But I do like to catch his smell in the hallway when he opens the door to his room. I have a very strong sense of smell, and the male scent really turns me on!

That’s fucked up! You’re a psycho but I love you!