Friends I’ll Never Meet: My Former Slave

As you know, up until recently I had a personal slave who, for a few months, paid my rent and bought me loads of books on Amazon. (If you are uninformed, you can read about him HERE, HERE and HERE.) However, a couple of weeks ago he (selfishly) got fired from his job, meaning he can no longer afford to support my needs. I have since acquired a new slave, so TBH it’s sort of NBD. However I still find Slave#1 semi interesting in a “You need help” sort of way, so I decided to ask him some questions about his masochistic tendencies, and why being a financial servant makes his dick so hard.

What’s the most pathetic thing you’ve ever done, slave#1?
I was buying phone credit for a 15 year old girl a while back. I would jerk off while her and her mates shouted abuse at me down the phone. Then last year I finally met her in person – she’s now 20 – and she made me get on my knees at a cash point and take out £300 for her.

What turns you on about being submissive?
I get this intense feeling in my stomach when I’m being humiliated or made to hand over money. I crave it. But then once I cum or I’m not horny anymore, I’m pretty normal. The other thing is, until recently I had a disposable income, so it was never an issue money-wise. But now I’m basically addicted, and broke, so I’m trying to find some will power. I was thinking of forcing myself to masturbate every morning, to prevent getting so horny that I need dommes to take my money!

How often do you give girls money?
It’s directly proportional to how often I get really horny. If I’m getting laid regularly – so basically never – then I don’t do it at all. But the more I drink the hornier I get, and I’ve been drinking quite a bit the last two months, so I’ve given away about £1000 in that time. I cringe when I think about how much I’ve blown in my lifetime. One domme took £3k from me.

How well do you know the people you give money to? How can you be sure they’re not creepy old men posing as hot, young girls?
Some definitely are men posing as women. Men are actually better at being degrading and getting me horny, maybe because most are sub guys themselves, so they know what to say. To be honest if they admitted they were men I’d probably still pay up. I’ve given money to men in the past, just because I was too horny to care.

Why don’t you buy me books or pay my rent any more?
Because I’m broke. And with you I paid your rent and bought you books because I like you, it wasn’t really sexual. I had money and thought, “Yeah, I’ll do something nice.” Now I’m broke and can’t be as generous because I need to eat and get drunk five nights a week because I hate myself. I’ve still been giving money to other dommes a bit though, because I get so horny and the urge is too much for me to deny.

If it wasn’t sexual then how come you sent me videos of you jerking off all the time?

If I’m honest, you’re not really a good domme. You’re too nice and not particularly good at talking down to me, which could probably be looked at as a good thing. You’re not cut out to be a dominatrix.

I’m offended. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like me?
I really do like you a lot. I’d say a 9 because you’ve stopped answering my drunken calls.

What’s the weirdest sex situation you’ve ever been in?
I met this prostitute on who agreed to meet me for a drink. Afterwards we went to a sex cinema. It was the seediest place I’ve ever been, filled with old men jerking off to 80s porn. So we walk in and she sits in the front row and immediately 40 guys surround her and start jerking off onto her. I started feeling a little claustrophobic because guys were trying to feel me up and whatnot, but I stayed because it was kinda hot. I’d say about 40 dudes jizzed on her and 30 of them looked homeless. But afterward she said she loved it. She is really pretty too.

How often do you jerk off, and what’s your default thing to jerk off too?
I’d say between 3-5 times a week. I normally think about a cuckolding situation – being forced to watch a guy with a bigger cock than me fuck a hot girl who won’t have sex with me. My ultimate fantasy is to have a cute girlfriend but have her fuck other guys in front of me.

Have you ever gotten with a guy?
No, but I will. I regularly jerk off thinking about being forced to suck cock by a hot girl, to get him hard before he fucks her. I’m not really into guys, it’s just the humiliation aspect of being made to suck a dick that I get off on. Although I will say I’m starting to find big cocks a visual turn on. If I did suck off a guy I would definitely make sure he was hung.

Are these sexual desires something you share with friends, or is it a secret?
Some of my friends know that I enjoy being dominated, but not to what extent. Most have no clue and think I’m a normal, non-perverted member of society. But then what is normal, anyway? Believe me, there are a lot more secret pervs out there than most would think.

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P.S. Although he is no longer my “slave,” he still sends me emails updating me about all of his random and depressing “sexual” encounters. This is the latest:




12 Replies to “Friends I’ll Never Meet: My Former Slave”

  1. Slave, I can sympathise with your addiction although mine was different and to a lesser extent.I used to be addicted to seeing prostitutes. As with most addictions, the longer you stop doing it the easier it is. From an outsiders POV, you need to calm/ probably stop giving your money away. Correct me if I am wrong, but I reform you feel really shit and guilty about giving your cash away once you have orgasmed. Maybe find a new and different kink that doesn't involve giving cash away. My situation was this: if I visited a prostitute I would then need to see another one later that week. That's at least £400 a month if I gave in to my urges. Luckily I managed to keep it to about once or twice a month. You need to stop mate. It gets easier once you don't do it for a while.

  2. OMG if one more person comments asking where to find a slave im going to jump. she's said about a million times how she found/met all of her slaves.

  3. If you don't want to dump your bf maybe I could be slave to both of you. I could suck him before going down on you! I will do anything.

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