GIRLCORE is an all-girl collective from London that, for the past four years, has been throwing some of the best, most glitter-centric parties in Europe, from Paris to Moscow to Athens. They are also some of my bestest friends. (I now like to think of myself as GIRLCORE’s New York correspondent, even though since I moved I have yet to help out with anything whatsoever. Sorry guys!)

Anyway, GIRLCORE recently launched GIRLCORE Magazine–on online gallery promoting new artists, photographers and illustrators, all of whom are GIRLS. The work so far is amazing! Below is a little sampler I created of the work that instantly caught my eye. Also, if you’re interested in being featured in the mag, you can send submissions to the lovely Julia Corsaro at The only stipulation is that you have a vagina.

Artists in order of appearance: Margaret Durrow (opening image), Adriana Petit, Katrina d Autremont, Jody Rogac, Brandi Strickland, Ariel Rosenbloom, Katie Shapiro, Sarah Akano, Elena Chernyak, Ellen Rogers, Aela Labbe (3 images), Antonela Moltini, Samantha Casolari, Susu Laroche, Alba Yruela, Julieta Sans, Luiza Sa



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  1. being a girl and having a vagina are not the same thing so if you need to have a vagina to contribute then they should consider changing the name to vaginacore. just saying.

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